Class 5A

Fountain-Fort Carson

Coach: Mary Heisel, fifth year

Last year: 5-5 (1-1 CSML)

Returning athletes: Emily Piter, so.; Sienna Powell, sr.

Other top athletes: Hannah Heath, jr.; Faith Vasquez, so.; Jennifer Welty, so.

Outlook: "We have almost all brand new girls coming out this season," Heisel said, "so it'll be exciting to be able to grow together as a team as the players learn the ins and outs of the sport."


Air Academy

Coach: Kim Davis, first year

Last year: 9-4 (4-0 Region 1)

Returning athletes: Cori Campbell, sr., No. 1 singles; Mackie Tygar, jr., singles.

Other top athletes: Lilly Eller, fr., singles; Molly Matheson, jr., singles.

Outlook: "Talented group of girls who enjoy tennis," Davis said.

Notes: The Kadets graduated a handful of seniors from last year's league-winning team.

Cheyenne Mountain

Coach: Dave Adams, 13th year

Last year: 8-3 (2-1 Region 6)

Returning athletes:  Ariana Arenson, sr., No. 3 singles; Emma Delich, so., No. 2 doubles; Maggie Dwyer, jr., No. 4 doubles; Jensen Enterman, jr., No. 1 doubles; Morgan Hall, sr., No. 1 singles; Reed Vaughn, jr., No. 3 doubles; Sydney Wagner, jr., No. 2 doubles.

Other top athlete: Ruby Muhl, fr.

Outlook: "We have a strong core of returning players and we look forward to meshing with some incoming freshman and players from last year's junior varsity to create a cohesive group to challenge for league, regional and state titles," Adams said.

Notes: Cheyenne Mountain's nine-year run as the state's top program ended last year, when Niwot won the 4A state title. The Indians finished second.


Coach: Tyler Philipsen, third year

Last year: 5-6 (3-3 Region 6)

Returning athletes: Rylea Baumberger, sr., No. 4 doubles; Lelanie Betts, jr., No. 4 doubles; Madeline Davis, jr., No. 3 singles;  Anna Griffin, jr., No. 1 doubles; Jillian Meister, sr., No. 3 doubles; Amara Roterdam, jr.; Connie Sun, sr., No. 1 doubles.

Other top athlete: Anastasia Anda, jr.

Outlook: "I am excited to be working with several new girls as we graduated five seniors last year," Philipsen said. "Many have been motivated in the offseason and are ready to move in to varsity positions. We also have three returning state qualifiers who know what it takes to advance in the postseason, and who are capable of being great leaders to the rest of our team. We have a tough schedule that should test us regularly and help us to improve as the season goes on."

Discovery Canyon

Coach: Brian Thirkell, ninth year

Last year: 6-4 (3-1 Region 1)

Returning athletes: Karinne Bratkowsky, so., No. 4 doubles; Hunter Jones, sr, No. 1 doubles.; Mattie Kuntzelman, sr., No. 1 singles; Paddison Lowe, sr., No. 3 singles; Sachi Rohilla, jr., No. 2 doubles; Erin Storch, sr., No. 3 doubles.

Outlook: "I am excited for a new year of helping players learn to become better tennis players and develop a love for the game," Thirkell said.

Notes: The Thunder return an experienced roster in the postseason, led by Kuntzelman, who won the 4A No. 2 singles title in 2016 and was a state qualifier at No. 1 singles the past two seasons. At doubles, Bratkowsky was part of a state semifinalist team last year.


Coach: Jason Warkentine, third year

Returning athletes: n/a

Other top athletes: n/a

Outlook: "The girls have worked hard throughout the offseason," Warkentine said. "They will surprise people this year."


Coach: Paul Kardel, 19th year

Last year: 6-5 (2-2 Region 6)

Returning athletes: Heather Young, jr.; Sydney Purdham, so.; Carrissa O'Donnell, so.; Annie Ackerman, jr.; Emma Ackerman, so.

Other top athlete: Genevieve Berning, fr.

Outlook: "We are a young team," Kardel said.

Mesa Ridge

Coach: Lisa Felice, 14th year

Last year: 5-6 (Region 6)

Returning athletes: Kylee Bunnell, jr., No. 1 singles; Michaela Welch, jr. No. 2 singles.

Top athletes: Madison Andert, jr.; Corina Gonzales, sr.; Mia Green, sr.; Sarah Machin, jr.; Annaliese Ortiz, sr.

Outlook: Asked about what she's most excited about this season, Felice said, "Singles players have a year of experience ... hoping to compete!"


Coach: Matt Lopez, first year

Last year: 1-7 (1-4 Region 6)

Returning athletes: Nadia Goncalves, jr., No. 3 doubles;  Allee Lentowich, jr., No. 2 doubles; Italy Lozano-Hernandez, so., No. 3 doubles.

Outlook: "Growing as a team and building up our program," Lopez said.

Pine Creek

Coach: Dave Lehman, 14th year

Last year: 8-3 (1-3 Region 1)

Returning athletes: Chloe Dudden, so., No. 3 singles; Emma Goodall, so., No. 4 doubles; Livi Matheson, sr., No. 1 doubles; Jodi Reed, jr., No. 1 doubles; Brielle Unger, so., No. 4 doubles; Angel Wang, jr., No. 1 singles.

Outlook: "I'm excited about every season," Lehman said. "We have a great group of young women both academically and athletically. The girls really get the team aspect of girls tennis. They motivate each other, have fun together."


Coach: Molly Gill, third year

Last year: 5-7 (1-4 Region 1)

Returning athletes: Zoe Hayward, jr., No. 3 singles; Rachel Hopper, sr., No. 4 doubles; Carly Nicholson, sr., No. 1 singles; Taylyn Warth, sr., No. 1 doubles.

Outlook: "I am looking forward to this being a growth year on doubles," Gill said. "We have pretty solid singles potential, but doubles lost a lot of seniors last year. It will be nice to have quite a few new faces and have my leadership strong with girls who have been on varsity for three-plus years now."

Sand Creek

Coach: Pam Rogers, second year

Last year: 8-3 (3-3 Region 1)

Returning athletes: Isabella Aragon, sr., No. 2 singles; Morgan Bird, sr., No. 1 doubles; Alyssa Dowdy, jr., No. 4 doubles; Nina Gonzales, jr., No. 2 doubles; Noelle Hernandez, jr., No. 2 doubles; Janae Kite, so., No. 3 singles; Gianna Myers, sr., No. 3 doubles; Hailey Nesenson, jr., No. 4 doubles.

Other top athletes: Faith Strong, fr.; Autumn Winford, sr.

Outlook: "Our team works hard in practice and in matches," Rogers said. "We are looking forward to a season of growth on and off the court."


Coach: Joe Griebel, 13th year

Last year: 9-1 (5-0 Region 6)

Returning athletes: Caitlyn Anderson, sr., No. 3 doubles; Faith Bower, sr., No. 2 singles; Mariah Boudrieau, sr., No. 3 singles; Makeeda Cato, sr., No. 1 doubles; Daniela Diaz, sr., No. 2 doubles; Cheyanne Duk, sr., No. 1 doubles; Samantha Frazer, sr., No. 4 doubles; Lara Glommen, sr., alternate; Talia Johnson, sr., No. 3 doubles; Kailani Peru, jr. No. 2 doubles; Laurynn Stephens, sr. 4 doubles; Madison Villers, sr., No. 1 singles.

Outlook: "Because of our veteran experience, we have developed exceptional team harmony," Griebel said. "We support one another. We really enjoy the sport of tennis."

Note: Eight of 12 Widefield players are multi-sport athletes.


Colorado Springs Christian School

Coach: Randy Stephens, 32nd year

Last year: 5-6 (1-2 Regioin 6)

Returning athletes: Ruby Boswell, so., No. 1 doubles; Alex Fu, sr., No. 2 doubles; Ty'esha Lockyer, sr., No. 1 singles; Kayla Merkx, so., No. 3 singles; Lauren Thoman, jr., No. 2 doubles.

Other top athletes: Reagan Morin, fr., No. 2 singles; Regan Sanchez, jr., No. 1 doubles.

Outlook: "With a possible six new players on varsity, there is a lot of unknown," Stephens said. "I think we will be competitive."

The Colorado Springs School

Coach: Colleen Patton Campbell, third year

Last year: 7-4 (4-1 Region 6)

Returning athletes: Kate Griffin, jr., No. 2 singles; Hina Suzuki, jr., No. 3 singles; Jules Thompson, so., No. 1 singles.

Other top athletes: Berit Krueger, doubles; Angelina Lietz, doubles.

Outlook: "I feel that we are going to have a stronger team with more depth in doubles than we ever have," Campbell said. "Jules Thompson, and Kate Griffin won singles regionals last year. Hina Suzuki got to the finals. Jules made it to the semifinals of state last year as a freshman."


Coach: Joe Rodrigues, second year

Last year: 4-6 (3-3 Colorado 7)

Returning athletes: Jennifer Amaya, sr.; Mya Hamilton, jr.; Ressa Torrez, jr.

Other top athlete: Raylee Senn, so.

Outlook: "Since we lost eight seniors last year," Rodrigues said. "We look forward to being challenged in each match and on every levels as nearly all players will be stepping into new roles this season."

St. Mary's

Coach: Marc Knutila, sixth year

Last year: 4-8 (1-4 Region 6)

Returning athletes: Kyla Barrett, so. No. 1 doubles; Lisanne Cheatham, jr., No. 4 doubles; Monica Cichon, jr. No. 3 doubles; Gabbie Coronado, sr., No. 1 singles; Ally Gravelle, sr., No. 2 doubles; Jill Kellick, so. No. 4 doubles; Mac Pepper, sr., No. 1 doubles; Lauren Sauley, jr., No. 3 doubles.

Other top athlete: Ellie Hartman, fr., singles.

Outlook: "We have most of our team back from last year (eight returning varsity players)," Knutila said. "We had two doubles teams qualify for state in 2018, and hope to have more qualifiers this year and be a very competitive team in our region."

The Vanguard School

Coach: Dina Fuqua, fifth year

Last year: 8-3 (3-0 Region 6)

Returning athletes: Erin Dornan, jr., No. 1 singles; Raina Fagans, so; Jaden Fuqua, so.; Hannah Martin, so.; Vaslisa Hebert, sr.

Outlook: "My five returners from last year are fighters," coach Fuqua said.

Note: Schools not listed did not report.


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