Take a trip back to the late Cretaceous Period — and get up close and personal with dinosaurs’ fossilized remains — on a tour of the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center.

The museum boasts “an awe-inspiring display of dinosaurs, prehistoric marine reptiles, pterosaurs and fish of North America’s late Cretaceous period,” its website says.

Visitors can read about the discovery of each specimen and see a “working fossil laboratory,” where recent discoveries are being freed from their rock matrix and undergoing restoration.

The museum’s graphics and realistic sculptures will “help you visualize these fascinating animals in life and the environments in which they lived,” states the website.

The children’s area includes a dig box where young dinosaur fans can brush off fossils, as well as a magnetic board where they can create an imaginative dinosaur and a rubbing station where they can make colorful dino drawings.

And the Prehistoric Paradise Store is the state’s largest dinosaur store.

Admission is $11.50 for adults, $7.50 for children ages 5 to 12 and free for children ages 4 and younger.

Visitors ages 65 and older get in for $10.50, and those with a current military ID get a $1 off. Tours are included with admission.

It’s open year-round seven days a week, except for on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Info: rmdrc.com.


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