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The Gazette Fundraising Program

The Gazette is committed to making a difference in Colorado Springs by supporting charities, nonprofits, churches, sports teams, clubs, etc. with a simple fundraising tool. Instead of going door-to-door selling chocolate bars, setting up tables outside of stores, washing cars, and having bake sales, The Gazette allows you to raise money from the comfort of your home or office by simply posting on Facebook or sending emails to friends, family members, employees, and others that you know.

How It Works

  • APPLY to be accepted into the program by completing the application below.
  • IF APPROVED someone from The Gazette will provide you with a unique website link that you can include in Facebook posts, emails, flyers, social media, church bulletins, text messages – or any other way you choose to share it.
  • SHARE your unique website link with as many people as possible, telling what you are raising funds for and why, and then asking them to help you by going to your unique link to subscribe to The Gazette.
  • THE GAZETTE WILL DEPOSIT $40 into your PayPal account for each NEW subscription you generate through your unique website link (PLEASE NOTE: current Gazette subscribers are excluded from canceling their current subscription to re-subscribe under this program).

The Gazette appreciates your interest in partnering with us to help you accomplish the important objectives you are fulfilling in our shared community!

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