Word on the street is Food Network personality Guy Fieri is lurking about Colorado Springs.

The blonde, spiky-haired restaurateur was spotted Wednesday with a camera crew in front of Front Range Barbeque in Old Colorado City. His Twitter page confirmed the celebrity sighting with a Tuesday post: "Headin out to Colorado to check out some new #DDD spots for ya."

DDD stands for his series "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," a show that has the chowhound traveling the country discovering local eateries. Nice work if you can get it.

The power of social media revealed Fieri's trail as he ate his way through Colorado Springs on Thursday. The crew shut down The Skirted Heifer, a burger and fries joint downtown, and left a small crowd of hungry customers wondering when they'd be done filming.

"What an amazing experience! We had such a great day with Guy and his crew," said Skirted Heifer owner Suzette Megyeri. "They are so fun and talented, and we feel honored to be featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. They love our city and the Skirted Heifer's Burgers!"

From there they moved to Jamaican-flavored Spice Island Grill and the Piglatin Truck, a mobile eatery that serves plenty of pig dishes. There was also word Fieri visited Mountain Shadows Restaurant, a down-home breakfast and lunch place on the west side.

A Piglatin employee said Fieri dined on stackarepa and the Piglatin plate, a Columbian dish that uses a deep-fried corn patty as its base.

According to a couple of sources he'll be in town for about 10 days.

What does a man do when he's not ingesting thousands of calories? Why, he hikes the Manitou Incline.

Much like film star Kevin Bacon, who made himself at home on the Incline last year as he filmed the recently released "Cop Car," Fieri also attempted the challenging hike. We're not sure how far up he got, but he posted some photos of the view on his Twitter feed, along with the comment: "Killer view of The Manitou Incline at Pikes Peak. So amazing and wow the altitude gets ya."

We hear that, Guy.

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