Not that you should need an excuse to eat well, but August is Kids Eat Right Month and I've got just the ticket to help you jump on the bandwagon. It's an app for iPads and iPhones by Bean Sprouts titled "Cooking Fun For Kids: Healthy Playful Recipes, Food Games, and Videos for Kids in the Kitchen."

The app comes courtesy of the same women who brought us the cookbook "Bean Appetit" and other imaginative, kid-centered food outlets: Kelly Parthen, who lives in Colorado Springs, and Shannon Seip, from Madison, Wis.

The app normally costs 99 cents but is offered free through Sunday. Otherwise, when you buy the app, a portion of the proceeds benefits the Junior League's "Kids in the Kitchen" initiative. The Junior League program is all about getting kids to eat healthier, especially in low- income areas. Visit kidsin to learn more about this program.

Designed for children ages 8 and younger, the app features Bean Sprouts characters who guide kids through "Imaginibbles" recipes and star in games and videos.

Here are some of the features:

- Build-a-Bean: Dress up characters with silly accessories and facial features.

- Spill the Beans: Quirky conversation starters with a food theme, such as "If rain could fall in any flavor, which flavor would you choose?"

- Mmmmatch 'em Up: Kids improve their food IQ by matching vegetables.

- MasterPEAs: As an artist draws a food scene with a pencil, kids try to guess what it is.

- Bean an Artist: Kids discover their inner artist by coloring fun Bean Sprouts characters.

- Bean Bags: A silly scavenger hunt to make trips to the supermarket more fun.

- Imaginibbles: Yummy, good-for-you reciPEAs and videos.

The app features no ads or in-app purchases for parental peace of mind. Content will be refreshed periodically with healthy recipes and videos.

From the website come these testimonials:

- "Cooking Fun's ease of use, great graphics and outstanding presentation make this a Must Have App for your kids. This tool encourages creativity and laughter while kids learn about and experiment with healthy food." - Best Apps For Kids

- "I think that this app is a great way to get your kids interested in healthy eating and helping in the kitchen. I will definitely be sharing this app with my 3-year-old son!" - The iPhone Mom

To download the app, go to funkids.

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