Food truck culture is growing across the U.S. and, despite obstacles such as zoning and parking, it's growing in Colorado Springs, too.

Local culinary sleuths are up for the challenge and follow favorite trucks through social media and websites to find their daily and weekly locations. Although none of the current food trucks in the city is fully vegan, a few have solid, plant-based options.

Bison Brothers

I know, I know. A food truck with a meat mission doesn't seem like an obvious choice, but the Bison Brothers food truck serves up one vegan option that is worth the trip: quinoa spring rolls ($6.50). The ancient grain (seed, actually) is cleverly coupled with softened peanuts, offering a meaty bite. Scallions, green pepper and a seasoning combo offer a solid kick and make for a spicy dish tempered well with a dipping sauce of "honey" mustard (they use agave instead of honey to keep it vegan) that cools the fried and spice-filled heat. The two rolls come with a side of chips.

Potato Potato

Potatoes are vegetables, and an entire truck devoted to the spud must be vegan-friendly, right? It is. Potato Potato food truck is best known for its take on Poutine ($8.50) - a traditional Canadian dish starting with French fries and topped with gravy and curds (cheese). Hold the curds, and that super-savory vegetable-based mushroom gravy - vegan as is - gives you all the flavor you'll need. Umami-packed with soy sauce and vinegars, the thick gravy stands up over the hand-cut fries. The generous portion easily makes a meal.


How's this for an oxymoron? A "grilled cheese gastro-pub" has vegan options - as in, every item on the menu can be made vegan. According to the server at the counter, "We believe a vegan order shouldn't be about subtraction [of ingredients]; it should be about substitutions." The Deep Dish grilled cheese sandwich ($10) features mozzarella, provolone and ham - all vegan thanks to brand-name Chao (cheese) and Tofurky (ham) replacements. The hot sandwich is layered high, Dagwood-style; you've got to love a vegan cheese that melts! Order fried tofu or pickles ($6) for a down-home side.

The world isn't vegan, and that's why it's wonderful that more and more restaurants offer plant-based options. Food trucks are no exception, and the vegan offerings popping up at the four-wheeled dining destinations are a great addition to the vegan scene.

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