Focus on the Family founder James Dobson will speak Thursday at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park.

Dobson, 81, founded the conservative Christian organization in 1977. He resigned from Focus on the Family in 2010 to found Family Talk, a nonprofit Christian ministry based in Colorado Springs. Dobson's flagship program, "Family Talk," is broadcast on the radio and online throughout the U.S.

The public is invited to attend Dobson's talk during the college's 8 a.m. chapel hour. He likely will speak on the topic of family, said Eileen Quinn of Andrew Wommack Ministries Inc.

A strong proponent of traditional marriage, Dobson has written more than 30 books dedicated to the preservation of the family, including "Love Must Be Tough: New Hope for Marriages in Crisis," "Straight Talk: What Men Should Know, What Women Need to Understand" and "Marriage Under Fire."

Dobson and Andrew Wommack, founder of Charis, have collaborated on issues regarding faith, the Bible and the welfare of the family. Charis is an unaccredited practical training school for those who wish to prepare for ministry.

Editor's note: This article has been updated to correct the date that Dobson resigned from Focus on the Family to found Family Talk.

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