Here are the Republicans who've endorsed Hillary Clinton


A member of the George W. Bush administration endorsed Hillary Clinton for president this week, adding the growing list of Republicans who've come out in support of the Democratic candidate.

"I have disagreed with and criticized Hillary Clinton's positions, but I have come to the conclusion that she would be a far better president than the Republican candidate could ever be," former U.S. treasurer Rosario Marin said in an op-ed this week.

She added in her article, which was published by Univision, that she was "proud to vote for Ronald Reagan's election."

But Trump is no Reagan.

"I have voiced my disgust and have warned one and all of the perilous threat he was to our party, our nation and the world," Marin wrote.

Unlike the GOP nominee, Clinton gets it, she said.

"Clinton understands that words spoken from the White House have consequences, that sarcasm is not a strategy when dealing with delicate world situations, that our friends and foes listen to every word spoken by our president and react accordingly," she said.

"My party and its standard bearer leave me no choice; On Nov. 8, I will vote for Hillary Clinton," she added.

By throwing in with the Democratic candidate, Marin joins the ranks of more than 60 Republican lawmakers and staffers from previous GOP administrations and presidential campaigns who've chosen the former secretary of state over the real estate tycoon.

Here are the other Republicans and Republican operatives who've endorsed Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, as compiled by the Washington Examiner, the Washington Post, Clinton's campaign team and publicly available sources:



U.S. Reps:

Former State Legislators:

Members of State Judiciaries:

Environmental Protection Agency:

U.S. Department of Commerce:

Department of Defense:


State Department:

Staffers from Past GOP Administrations and Presidential Campaigns:


Independent Commissions:


U.S. Attorneys:

U.S. Military and Intel Services:

White House Staff:



Foreign Policy Scholars:

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