Arnold Schwarzenegger gerrymandering

photo via Twitter

Arnold Schwarzenegger endorses redistricting reform efforts, including Colorado’s Amendment Y and Z, in a video posted to Twitter on Sept. 7.

Hasta la vista, gerrymandering.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is throwing his support behind Colorado ballot amendments Y and Z, noting that all of Colorado’s living governors are backing the measures to change how the state draws political boundaries.

“We’re going to terminate gerrymandering together by fighting for campaigns in four states,” said the actor and former California governor in a video posted to Twitter, urging followers to donate to the campaign online.

The other states with anti-gerrymandering measures on the ballot are Missouri, Michigan and Utah.

One lucky donor, Schwarzenegger added in his familiar Austrian growl, will win a trip to Budapest to spend the day on the set of the next film in the “Terminator” franchise, launched in 1984 with Schwarzenegger in the title role.

Fair Maps Colorado, the organization behind the ballot measures, welcomed Schwarzenegger’s help.

“Amendments Y and Z will create more fair and competitive political districts, and they will deliver an ‘Hasta la vista, baby!’ to the potential of political gerrymandering in Colorado,” said Kent Thiry, CEO of Denver-based health care company DaVita Inc. and a co-chair of the campaign, which has broad support across Colorado’s political spectrum.

“We’re pleased that the governor has signed on to help us pass these reforms to take the power in redistricting away from lobbyists and political insiders and put it into in the hands of independent commissions,” Thiry added.

Amendment Y would establish a commission to draw political lines for congressional districts, and Amendment Z would do the same for legislative districts. Both give unaffiliated voters — they’re the plurality in Colorado — equal footing with Democrats and Republicans in the process while restricting commission members who might have a conflict from taking part.

The General Assembly referred the measures to the ballot in unanimous votes in May.

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