Cots were set up in an emergency shelter for people arriving from the southern U.S. border at a Denver rec center Dec. 13.

Recent migrant influx

Let’s see, Mayor Michael Hancock says the city is in crisis over the recent migrant influx. I guess the immigration “chickens” have come home to “roost” and the Mayor can’t imagine how this could happen to the Denver City Biden Blue Team.

Maybe he should try a little less complaining and a lot more outspoken opposition to the current federal immigration policies that give impetus to this crisis.

Craig J Bakken


Bureaucracy running amuck

As stated today in the Gazette Dec. 26 concerning the internal audit of the Colorado State bureaucracy running amuck. As usual the elected officials refuse to be held accountable for their actions. They just double down and keep doing what they are doing which is wrong. The fact of the matter is the legislators have already spent more money on the State’s budget for 2023 than they can pay for. The govenor has assured the elected officials on the budget committee that their will be enough money. As a citizen how can you believe anything this guy says when he can’t even get his own house in order? With all the worthless laws and regulations these people insist on there isn’t any accountability.

The Jared Polis administration has created the largest government bureaucracy in the history of Colorado. Guess what Colorado you got what you asked for!

Trig Travis



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