It’s the end of an error for Drew Lock.

Coach Vic Fangio said Wednesday afternoon: “I have no doubt Drew will be again a quality starting quarterback in this league.’’

But not in Denver, it sure sounded like.

In historic perspective, Teddy Bridgewater becomes the Broncos’ 55th starting quarterback in 62 seasons and the 11th since 2016. He is the first African American to start the Broncos’ opening game — and the fifth black QB to play for the franchise. Marlin Briscoe was the first African American starting quarterback in modern professional football for five games with the Broncos in 1968.

Bridgewater won The Dove Valley Duel.

Fangio said he made “the right decision for the team right now, moving forward.’’ He said both quarterbacks could be a starter who can win games, “but you can’t play two quarterbacks.’’ Coaches have in the past.

Lock will play in the regular season only if the Broncos are far ahead or far behind in a game, or if Bridgewater is injured or a failure. “I am disappointed,’’ Drew said. “I will continue to be myself.’’

Teddy used the words “excited’’ and “opportunity” repeatedly. He possesses, as Fangio described Bridgewater, “calmness,’’ “confidence’’ and “knowledge of the game.’’

Drew realistically is through in Denver. He could drift away to another team as Broncos’ other draft choices Tim Tebow, Brock Osweiler, Zac Dysert, Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch and Chad Kelly did before him over 10 years.

Ultimately, Fangio trusted Bridgewater more than Lock to get the team back on track and get the coach back for 2022.

That assessment, though, will be made by the new Broncos controlling owner next year.

General manager George Paton didn’t care much for Lock when he got to Denver and went looking for a replacement. John Elway, president of football operations, probably was as disappointed as Lock, who he drafted. But Vic didn’t consult with John about his resolution of the competition, which seems rather odd.

Vic told him, “Even’’ and “Steven’’ his choice Wednesday morning, then held a team meeting for the announcement, which Lock termed the “toughest’’ aspect of the situation. Both will play in the final exhibition. Just one will start in the first game in New Jersey against the Giants.

The stronger arm, the wow factor, the energy level, the potential ceiling, the improved maturity and footwork, the brash and extroverted gunslinger lost. The veteran who has started only two full seasons and overcame a devastating leg injury, the stable, solid quarterback who tends to throw check-down passes, the pocket presence, the accuracy, the “intangibles’’ Vic said, won.

“To be a true leader, you have to play good,’’ the coach said. He reiterated that the competition was close and the decision difficult, but the coach, his offensive assistants and the GM feel Bridgewater won’t lose games with mistakes.

The Broncos’ power committee believes the Broncos possess enough talent defensively and offensively to be relevant again and contend this season, and Bridgewater gives them the best chance. Yet, if he flops, they’ll turn back to Lock, even if he’s not "Back To The Future."

Pat Shurmur and Mike Shula must recognize that they didn’t develop Lock well enough to knock out a challenger, although Lock did throw a near-perfect game against the Vikings’ reserves and played acceptable in relief against Seattle.

Steady Teddy was exceptional in the two exhibitions. He described himself as calm as “the eye of the hurricane.’’

The over-under on the Broncos is 8.5 victories, and they end up with an 8-8-1 mark, with a tie in overtime.

That 2021 finish wouldn’t be tolerated by the legions who supported Lock as starter, or wanted the Broncos to trade for Matt Stafford, Aaron Rodgers or Deshaun Watson, or desperately desired that Paton move up in the first round to draft one of the top three college quarterbacks, or, at No. 9, pick the available Justin Fields, who has been outstanding so far with the Bears, or Mac Jones, who could overtake Cam Newton for the Patriots’ starting job now or soon.

So, after all of the clamor, confusion, commotion, controversy and competition the past eight months, the reveal finally occurred Wednesday. The Drew Lock era likely is over, and Teddy Bridgewater is the Broncos’ starting quarterback.

For now, but perhaps not for long or forever.

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