DENVER — Thanks, sports. Thanks for exposing the real mission of the COVID-19 response.

Turns out, the real mission of the COVID-19 response is to make sure COVID-19 never ends.

Who knew our fun and games would reveal the true intentions of the liars in charge? Because a funny thing happened on the way back to a rational world. The people in charge, namely the president, swore that high vaccination rates would end the pandemic and all the ineffective and harmful and completely stupid restrictions and rules and mandates that have come with it.

Then... the NBA reached a 97-percent vaccination rate, and the Bulls and Nets were forced to quarantine 14 players, the Kings six, the Knicks five. Even the Nuggets chipped in two. So there’s that.

Then... the NHL reached a 100-percent vaccination rate, and the Avalanche were one of three teams forced to pause their season. The Avs are done until Dec. 26 — even though the players voted to play a game after a bunch of teammates tested positive. They’ve lived this for 21 months. They know COVID is not and never has been a threat to them. So there’s that.

“If we’re going to keep testing healthy players then we’re going to keep getting some results we don’t like and players are going to be sitting when they’re ready to play,” Jared Bednar said.

Then... the NFL. Oh, the NFL. The NFL’s the one that made the game less healthy and more dangerous, as I wrote last year, when it forced the Broncos to play with a wide receiver at quarterback. These days the NFL says it’s 94-percent vaccinated, yet three games this week have been postponed. Over 70 players tested COVID positive on Monday and Tuesday alone.

So there’s all that.

Gosh, pandemics of the unvaccinated aren’t what they used to be.

This is all a good thing, by the way. It’s a good thing, because these professional athletes are not going to the hospital with COVID. Maybe there’s been a couple, but I can’t find even one, and it's been almost two years now. And if there is a professional athlete in the hospital with COVID — one, among thousands of professional athletes — the COVID-cult media would light an erotic candle and shout it from the rooftops. We both know that would happen, and it hasn’t happened, because it hasn’t happened.

But it’s mostly a good thing because hopefully this is going to wake people up. Hopefully the masses are going to see vaccination rates of 94, 97 and 100 percent don’t end the nonsense.

So what will?

It ends when you say it ends. It ends when you realize none of the rules and restrictions have done a damn thing to slow the spread of COVID. You are the people in charge. Not them.

If you want it to stop, stop it.

The COVID cult inevitably will flood my inbox with nasty emails, some of them asking for a solution, so here’s a solution: Stop testing healthy people. Stop testing healthy kids. Stop testing healthy college and professional athletes. I’m old enough to remember when “asymptomatic” meant healthy, and it makes no sense to test healthy people. They’re not sick. That’s what healthy means, so stop testing healthy people. If you’re sick, get tested.

Otherwise, live your life.

If that many athletes are vaccinated, and that many supremely healthy and young adults are still prevented from doing their job, why would society as a whole be any different? I went to Costco the other day. It’s difficult to maneuver a shopping cart down the aisle through some of these bodies, so I can promise you society is not as healthy as professional athletes.

“You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” Joe Biden said.

Good call, dude.

Wake up, friends. Read “Snake Oil” by author Michael P. Senger, and wake the hell up. These athletes are some of the healthiest humans on earth. They’re almost all vaccinated. The NFL’s chief doctor said two-thirds of the league’s positive tests are healthy — sorry, “asymptomatic.” And players still are being forced out of their jobs, back into masks, back into eating alone, back into quarantine rules that didn’t the work the first 21 months, obviously, because we’re back in this again.

Wake up. Sports are showing the true mission of the response to COVID-19. The liars in charge want it to never end.

(Contact Gazette sports columnist Paul Klee at or on Twitter at @bypaulklee.)

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