Trump, get outta my hair

The day after the 2020 election was a wonderful day for so many of us! We could finally face our days without Trump news, Trump images, Trump speeches, and life could become free of the stress and anger caused by this man.

But no. He’s everywhere again.

Donald Trump, PLEASE go away. How about a nice vacation to an island WAY out in the Pacific Ocean, or better yet, a couple of years on a space shuttle?

Can’t we at least have a break from this odious, awful man?

Come on, we deserve it after four years of hell.

Sally Alberts


Use buses, not rail

Within the past decade or so, quite a few passenger rail projects have started to gain traction (The D.C.-Baltimore maglev, Brightline West, and a proposed Front Range passenger rail system spring to mind).

It baffles me that people keep proposing things like this when we can look at recent attempts at passenger rail that have gone through (Utah’s FrontRunner, New Mexico’s RailRunner Express, and — of course — California’s HSRA) and see that these projects have no future other than as a black hole that eats tax dollars forever.

The reason why passenger rail works in Europe and in East Asia is because countries in those regions have the density to justify passenger rail; the United States doesn’t.

High-speed rail is even worse, because systems would most likely need to have their own, grade-separated, needle-straight right of way; it would take years to build this infrastructure, and the inherent costs coupled with the fact that you’d probably need to use eminent domain to build those lines mean that high speed rail is an even worse investment.

If you want cities to be better connected with public transit, buses are the answer. They are less expensive and can operate on existing infrastructure.

Dominic Cingoranelli

Colorado Springs

Don’t mock rural America

Utterly shocked and disappointed that the Gazette editorial staff would publish David Horsey’s cartoon denigrating people in rural America.

If Mr. Horsey had published a cartoon mocking a racial minority, he would never work again but it is now perfectly acceptable to smear the people who feed our nation.

It is very sad that The Gazette editorial staff is so far removed from the people who read their columns.

Russell Lockhart

Colorado Springs

Systemic racism is real

I read in disbelief how the audio on Black people’s role in Memorial Day was deemed “irrelevant” and intentionally cut off.

The earliest history of this celebration is an 1865 commemoration organized by freed slaves to honor those war dead buried in Charleston’s unknown graves.

About 10,000 people, mostly Black, participated. Over time, white Charlestonians suppressed this origin from memory and diminished the role of the African American, much as the organizers of this modern-day Memorial Day tribute did.

Some facts on systemic racism in America: The median wealth for single white women — $41,000, Hispanic women — $140, Black women, $120. Black unemployment, including college graduates, is about twice as high as white unemployment.

Racist housing policies affect minorities’ safety, the food they eat, and the quality of their health care, jobs and children’s education.

Minorities are more frequently targeted for surveillance because of their “ancestries of interest.” While white and Black Americans equally use marijuana, Blacks are 3.7 times more likely to be arrested, affecting their chances at good jobs, housing and bank loans, even if not convicted.

Even though undocumented people come here from all over the world, the face of the “undocumented immigrant” is always South or Central American. Black babies are almost 2.5 times more likely to die before their first birthday. Black mothers are three times as likely to die during childbirth.

Systemic racism is real.

It has been and still is so pervasive in American culture that we hardly recognize it anymore.

Kathleen Eichinger

Colorado Springs

Fix the family

Regarding Editor Vince Bzdek’s “silver bullet that can repair America”:

How about restoring the primacy of the nuclear family and responsible parenting?

That is how you repair America.

Frederic Gatz

Colorado Springs

America destined to fall

A friend of mine came across this and wanted to know if you might publish it on your Opinion page in the box with quotes and sayings.

Unfortunately, we do not know who the author is/was:

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves excessive gratuities from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the treasury, with the result that a democracy collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.”

Kathleen Clark

Colorado Springs

A ‘new education system’

In response to the letter “School year unlike any other,” I’ve heard such positive comments from our educators and praise their intended efforts.

What I don’t hear is solutions. Academic gains were lower for some. They were completely lost for some as well.

The upcoming school year will require a lot more than a significant effort.

For me, school was a wonderful experience. Now kids are asking themselves if it’s worth going to high school.

The pandemic has brought out creative ideas from students that would make our education system obsolete.

I hope school districts plan for declines in enrollment and the “new education system.” Be visionaries.

Listen closely to the exceptional students, yet listen closer to the rest of the students.

Please. Be well.

Walter Gerard Jr.

Colorado Springs

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