It is hard to believe President Joe Biden cares more about the United States than the rest of the world, which might explain his bungling of the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden won’t let North America complete the Keystone XL Pipeline, yet he countered the interests of American environmentalists by allowing the completion of a Russian natural gas pipeline. He curtails oil and gas production on federal property, then begs OPEC — a collection of countries that mostly laugh at American concepts of civil rights and equity — for the energy we need. Biden fiddles as OPEC leaders laugh at him.

Biden pressures Americans to get vaccinated or face consequences at work and in the marketplace. Yet, he allows throngs of immigrants here illegally to enter the country without proof of vaccinations or negative COVID test results.

Biden wants more taxes that will combine with soaring gasoline prices and general inflation to undermine the U.S. economy. If Biden’s policies cost Americans their jobs, he has simple advice: “learn to code.”

Bidden supports widespread gun control in the United States, where only law-abiding citizens obey such laws. Meanwhile, the president has no compunction leaving $85 billion worth of guns, bombs, tanks, vehicles, artillery, an air force, and more in the hands of a previously ragtag theocratic terror organization that hates the United States, Christians and Jews.

Biden’s seven months in office will go down among the worst early stages of any presidency in U.S. history. He has gone from looking potentially feckless and confused to proving these conditions are more severe and dangerous than most people feared.

Indeed, we needed out of Afghanistan. We needed to get out with a plan that involved life-or-death surgical precision. Before yanking troops, we needed to retrieve or destroy any and all American military bases and war tools that would become gifts to the Taliban, Russia, China, Pakistan and others.

Before pulling troops, we needed a safe and orderly process of removing Americans willing to leave and Afghans who have helped the United States’ effort to save their country from barbaric terrorists. We needed a long-term plan for monitoring the Taliban to ensure they abide by former President Donald Trump’s conditions for withdrawal, which included no hostility toward U.S. allies or Americans residing in Afghanistan.

Biden did none of this and has made the U.S. appear weak to the rest of the world. The whole thing makes Trump’s sophomoric, unfortunate, and bizarre tweets and personality ticks seem fairly innocuous by comparison.

The world is less safe because Biden handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan with the grace of a bull in a china shop.

This brings us to the Pottery Barn Rule, popularized in 2002 when then-Secretary of State Colin Powell warned then-President George W. Bush about the price of invading Iraq. The rule was inspired by signs in pottery and antique stores that implore “if you break it, you own it.” If a developed country attacks a far more primitive country, it has a responsibility to leave the targeted territory with stable leadership. If that doesn’t happen, criminals fill the void and jeopardize their enemies.

Most Americans, including then-Sen. Joe Biden, supported invading Afghanistan after the country harbored the terrorists who attacked the United States on Sept. 11, 2001. We didn’t break much in Afghanistan because there wasn’t much to break. The country was in rubble from previous wars, including the invasion of the Soviet Union that spawned the Taliban as resistance.

We need not rebuild Afghanistan physically, but we cannot have anti-American terrorists controlling a country without imminent consequences. Biden’s inattention to detail, and his apparent lack of a chessboard mindset, means we spent 20 years of an unfathomably costly war only to end up in more danger than the day it began.

Roughly 100 Colorado residents gave their lives in the war, along with about 2,500 other Americans who selflessly died combating terrorists. Those numbers don’t include more than 20,000 Americans injured fighting this war, many of whom struggle through life with missing limbs.

The latest sad and dangerous chapter in the Afghanistan saga is a White House insult to the great Americans who gave lives and limbs to protect this country. They have kept us safe from major terror events for 20 years. God only knows how many lives they saved by risking and/or giving theirs. As remaining troops return home, and the country tries to move on, we should thank veterans of the Afghan war like never before.

Like millions of Americans before them, Afghan war personnel fought because they love their country enough to trust its leadership and fight for the futures of young Americans and subsequent generations.

Regardless of Biden’s withdrawal debacle, we should take special time and effort to talk with and appreciate veterans of Afghanistan and other theaters of war. Celebrate them for helping us to spare our lives. Despite the idiotic and callous decisions that frequently emerge from Washington, American service personnel always show up and do the selfless, life-threatening work their government asks of them. They ask for little in return and often find themselves undermined by the leaders they trusted. Don’t let them feel betrayed by the rest of the country because of their commander in chief’s poor leadership skills.

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