Fentanyl overdoses climb

Criminals in slaveholding China love our southern border. They appreciate President Joe Biden, whose first order of business ended construction of a wall and deemphasized border enforcement. The result: a soaring epidemic of Americans dying from fentanyl.

The Gazette has pleaded with Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and Attorney Gen. Phil Weiser to sue the federal government and demand serious border control. This is not to obstruct migrant workers and other good people who want to work and better their lives. It is to stop the drug cartels that are killing Coloradans, including children of immigrants who came here to flourish.

This is no longer a matter of polemics that pit Republicans against Democrats. Drug cartels and their deadly products kill without concern for race, religion, ethnicity, politics or creed.

Colorado officials call for state response to fentanyl-fueled overdose crisis

Because of fentanyl ingredients produced in China and smuggled into the United State by Mexican cartels, the fentanyl death toll in Colorado this year exceeds the numbers in 2015, ’16, ’17, ’18 and ’19 — combined.

“For years, China has been a primary source of fentanyl trafficked into the United States,” explains an investigative report by National Public Radio.

The alarming new state data is worse than it sounds. It includes only those deaths counted through August. More bad news will emerge when the state provides numbers for the subsequent four months.

By Aug. 31, 1,231 Coloradans had died this year from illicit fentanyl. More than five Coloradans die from this drug each day. By the end of the year, fentanyl is on track to wipe out a number equaling the population of Limon.

Inquiries by Gazette reporters found synthetic, foreign fentanyl increasingly shows up in heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and illicit “Xanax” pills pressed to look like pharmaceutical tablets.

The public should applaud the work by Polis and Weiser to address addiction with funds from the big pharma opioid settlements. Sadly, smuggled fentanyl makes these efforts veritably futile. No rehab program can help vulnerable teenagers who try street drugs and die from the cheap fentanyl filler they didn’t know about.

As reported by Colorado Politics on Friday, Weiser and a few other law-enforcement officials publicly called for a statewide response to the crisis that “is killing our kids.”

The statewide response needs to be a demand that President Biden use every appropriate federal asset to prevent Chinese and Mexican profiteers from killing Americans. Weiser, Polis, our congressional delegation, law enforcement, mayors, school boards, and all varieties of community leaders need to demand better enforcement at borders and ports. Let’s welcome people who can help our country and prosecute those who kill Coloradans and other Americans with lethal drugs.

Protecting states from foreign threats should be the highest role of our federal government, which was founded only to serve the states. The Biden administration has made a mockery of this role, allowing people to die.

Stand up and demand the protection we pay for before voters with dead children, relatives, neighbors and colleagues demand new leadership at every level.

The Gazette Editorial Board

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