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Davidson Technologies, Inc. (DTI) is a company at the vanguard of defense contractors as well as one that has a compassionate corporate heart and a team of community-minded employees. Founded in 1996, in Huntsville Alabama by Dr. Julian Davidson, it began operations with fewer than ten employees, but has experienced robust growth and today boasts nearly 200. In June, DTI was excited to open offices in Colorado Springs, where they now have 45 employees.

The company’s core business lines are missiles, aerospace, intelligence and cyber. A discussion with Mandy Kerce, chief human resources officer and Rick Powers, senior vice president, western operations, confirms that DTI is on the cutting edge as one of the most sophisticated defense technology companies in America.

When Dr. Julian Davidson died in 2013 his wife, Dr. Dorothy Davidson, transitioned to chief executive officer, and DTI became a female-owned business. She was diagnosed with cancer in June, but, as Kerce said, “Dr. Davidson remains actively involved in all aspects of the company, attending to daily work, conducting weekly meetings, and is fully participating in her treatment regimen.”

Powers describes their overarching mission as “Solving complex technical problems through innovative and value-added solutions. We support the United States and our allies with a variety of means, and against emerging threats.” Even a cursory understanding of our nation’s defensive needs and the threats it faces demonstrate the seriousness of DTI’s work. “Our corporate culture,” Powers explains, “engenders pride in keeping our nation and allies safe, especially as we see changes in defense postures and threats.”

In these times, when corporate loyalty has become somewhat rare, DTI’s focus is on maintaining the vision that informed their founder’s commitment to employees. As Kerce attested, “Our leaders model our values of treating employees as family. After Hurricane Michael, 18 employees were displaced, but their colleagues donated leave so that all of them had 40 hours of leave to help them recover. Others opened their homes to fellow employees, which allowed them to continue working; we’re mission minded.”

Moreover, DTI provides comprehensive benefits which Powers said includes funds for employees to pursue advanced degrees. “They can continue working full-time while working towards those goals. In addition, special certifications are required in this business and we cover the cost of maintaining them, or for employees to move in a different career direction within the company.”

With respect to community outreach, in Colorado Springs the company’s female engineers mentor middle school girls interested in STEM, in District 11. At their corporate headquarters in Huntsville, Kids to Love is their foster care program, a branch of which is Davidson Farms, a foster home for girls. As well, DTI is a key sponsor for the American Heart Association, whose annual fundraiser, the Heart Walk, supports the fight against heart disease and stroke. Their Tie the Ribbons program is dedicated to awareness of, and research into, breast and ovarian cancer.

The St. Jude Golf Tournament is a fundraiser for Special Olympics. Powers said, “We’ll be developing many of these organizational efforts in Colorado Springs, as well other locations where we don’t have an office but a presence.”

Maintaining a strong focus on community involvement while experiencing significant corporate growth is a challenge DTI has clearly risen to, and that commitment shines throughout their entire company. As Kerce affirmed, “We strongly encourage our employees to become involved, and to have a servant’s heart to help others.” That places DTI in the pantheon of enlightened companies that provide superb services to their customers as well as their communities.

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