A woman allegedly held hostage and killed by her husband before Thanksgiving tried for hours to escape, arrest documents show.

Details of the violence were included in the arrest affidavit for Gregory Lorbiecki, 42, who has been accused of first-degree murder, kidnapping, false imprisonment, domestic violence and assault in the death of his wife, Karyn Lorbiecki, 46.

The fighting started shortly after midnight Wednesday at their home in the Security-Widefield area.

The couple's teenage daughter called 911 after she said she saw her father beating her mother. Gregory smashed Karyn's head against the tiled wall in the bathroom, broke a cellphone and threatened repeatedly to punch the woman, the girl told police.

She said her father was "acting weird and she could hear her mother screaming," arrest records said.

A younger brother, who was later rescued from the home through a window, said Karyn ran into his room after shouting "Please stop" and tried to hide under his bed covers. Gregory followed her and dragged her out of the room, records said.

The daughter said her father mentioned Karyn "was going to meet Valak tonight," a reference to a demonic nun character in "The Conjuring 2." He had many guns inside the home, she said.

The El Paso County SWAT and Negotiations team's calls for Gregory to let his wife go and surrender were refused, records said. Members of the SWAT team said they heard Karyn asking her husband to put the gun down, and Gregory said their children should stay with their aunt "when things went bad."

At 5:13 a.m., a gunshot rang out.

Authorities rushed into the 5135 Harrington Drive home to find Karyn with a gunshot wound to the head, records said. She died from the injuries at the hospital later that morning.

Gregory Lorbiecki declined to talk to deputies, records said. He is being held without bond in the El Paso County jail.

Wednesday's incident isn't the first time he had been accused of violence against his wife.

In March, he reportedly threw two wrenches at her vehicle as she was backing out of the driveway after a fight, according to arrest documents in that incident.

Lorbiecki admitted to throwing a screwdriver at the SUV but said it never hit the vehicle. He denied throwing a second tool, records said.

Police arrested him on suspicion of criminal mischief and domestic violence, only the first charge of which was pursued by the county prosecutor before the case was dismissed in May.

Lorbiecki is a former U.S. Army soldier who was stationed at Fort Carson, according to public records. More information about his service was requested Friday.



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