Colorado Springs man arrested after stepson found with second-degree burns
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A Colorado Springs man was arrested after a toddler was found with first and second-degree burns on his face and chest.

Albert Medina, 30, was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of child abuse: knowingly/recklessly cause severe bodily injury and negligently causing severe bodily injury. Police said Medina got frustrated with the boy and put him in an extremely hot bath.

The boy’s mother, Shaylene Nombrano, told Gazette news partner KKTV that she was celebrating a baptism when Medina called her saying there had been an accident. She rushed home, and found her 3-year-old son severely burned.

At the time, she said, her husband claimed the toddler turned the shower on and burned himself. Nombrano said the burns were not consistent with that story, though.

“Knowing that [the toddler] got into a tub with hot water, and [there are] no injuries to his feet. It kinda was a little off,” she told KKTV.

The boy had to be airlifted from Colorado Springs to a hospital that specializes in serious burn injuries.

Nombrano filed a temporary restraining order against Medina.


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