Snapshots: Colorado Springs takes precaution in novel coronavirus outbreak

Housekeeper Reina Rodriguez washes her hands before putting on gloves to clean a room at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Colorado Springs on March 11. Housekeepers at the hotel are focusing on the high-touch areas in rooms and are required to wash their hands and change gloves after cleaning each room in response to COVID-19. Daniel Valdez, general manager, stressed the importance of not panicking, but being smart. "We are practicing what the local and federal health authorities are telling us to do," Valdez said. 

- Colorado case summary (this summary only includes data through 3/24 and does not reflect cases since then):

  • 1,086 cases
  • 147 hospitalized
  • 36 counties
  • 8,064 people tested
  • 20 deaths
  • 9 outbreaks at residential and non-hospital health care facilities

- El Paso County case rate per 100,000=17.08, Denver County=29.81.

- Total number of cases in El Paso county is 122, second to Denver which has 214.

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