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Cordera Family Dentistry - General Dentistry - 9235 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO (Courtesy photo)

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Dr. Hans Egbert and Dr. Kent Stilson, co-owners of Cordera Family Dentistry, 9235 North Union Blvd. #170, know how to keep their office staff happy: “Snacks: a lot of snacks. We eat together a lot,” said Stilson, laughing. “There is a lot of laughter here,” he added.

All joking aside, Egbert and Stilson work hard to make sure their employees feel valued. “We have a number of employees who have been with us for a long time, and we hope to keep them with us,” said Stilson. “We treat our personnel the way we treat our friends and family — with love, respect and trust. We believe employees do their best when they are treated with respect, when they aren’t micromanaged,” added Egbert.

The dentists have a similar respect for their patients. “We strive to give our patients a great experience from start to finish. We have transparent billing, make sure we clearly explain insurance benefits and run appointments on time. All these things contribute to Cordera being a positive environment in which to work,” said Egbert.

Office Manager Bobbie Wilson, who has been with Cordera Family Dentistry for the past nine years, agrees: “Before I came here, I worked at another dental office for about six months. There was a very high turnover rate (among the staff). We just didn’t feel special. At Cordera, the doctors really value us and our families. They make us feel valuable. In turn, we take a lot of pride in what we do and how we do it,” she said.

Drs. Stilson and Egbert believe Wilson has helped shape the environment at Cordera. “It’s Bobbie who really deserves the praise and credit,” said Egbert. “She has put some amazing systems in place (in the office). She motivates the other team members to excel. Without her, Cordera wouldn’t be the wonderful place that it is,” he continued.

Wilson believes the support of both Stilson and Egbert has enabled her and the rest of the staff to succeed. “They give us clear expectations, which really set us up for success. I am allowed to tailor responsibilities to the strengths of the employees. The staff is given the freedom to work together and fine tune things. When you feel supported, it’s hard not to succeed,” she explained.

“Dr. Egbert and Dr. Stilson are not just bosses, but friends. They have given me a lot of encouragement professionally. We here at Cordera are incredibly lucky to have such great bosses,” Wilson continued.

The positive work environment at Cordera Family Dentistry is evident to all those who come through the door. “We have had dental sales representatives tell us that our office is very different from other dental offices, that they can tell the employees here care about one another. Our patients feel it, too. They look forward to coming in. They leave us reviews telling us they feel valued. We love getting those reviews,” Wilson said.

Egbert and Stilson are grateful for their clients. “We are lucky to have our dental practice in the middle of a great community of people. Having such great people as clients makes our job easy,” said Egbert.

Wilson agreed: “The patients we see at Cordera are genuinely wonderful people. They really become family to us.”

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