We’re social animals, humans are—and also revel in times with family and friends. Neuroscientists like UCLA professor Matt Lieberman, author of “Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect” explains that being social “has been baked into our operating system for tens of millions of years.”

Fitness friends

You can take part in many fun, social activities at The Gathering Place while taking care of your body, mind and spirit, as well. Opening early in 2020, it will have the very best in fitness equipment—schedule some cardio with the woman down the block when you see her out on your morning walk—and form bonds for a prospective book club at the clubhouse. Perhaps her partner and kids want to head down for swimming or a boat ride and fishing together on Lake Ann, as well, after you’ve spent time side-by-side, getting to know one another on the elliptical.

Fitness and aquatics feed the spirit

Most every doctor, trainer and fitness aficionado will agree: Humans are more efficient and happier when they eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and workout regularly. The benefits of stretching and somewhat anaerobic workouts like Pilates should not be missed. You may think that Pilates’ storied “core” benefits outweigh yoga’s mindfulness and relaxation training. That’s not always true: “You can find a great yoga teacher who can teach you more about your core than a given Pilates instructor and a wonderful Pilates teacher who imbues a class with mindfulness and stretching more than a Pilates teacher,” said Jennifer DeLuca, owner of BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium in Brooklyn.


Other fun fitness activities slated at The Gathering Place include swim lessons for kids; or just cruising around on all of the paths, on foot or on your bikes, taking in amazing mountain views.

Many people realize enhanced well-being while walking near a body of water or taking part in water activities. If you are one of them, The Gathering Place’s “Lake Ann” aquatic choices such as kayaking, canoeing, paddle-boarding—even paddleboard yoga—will be just what you need to unwind after a busy week or busy day. Quiet times near “Lake Ann” in the gazebo overlooking the pond and the beach frontage access allow for peaceful solitary meanderings or heart-to-hearts in the heart of nature with friends and family.

Community counts

Other homes may offer amenities for your physical spaces—that special fireplace or gourmet kitchens come to mind. At The Farm, they’ve got wonderful floor plans and options for you to include these amazing features in the functional and fun areas of your home. But your spirit and social needs might suffer in another neighborhood: Many new homeowners report a sense of loneliness and disconnectedness when they’re first moving into a new home, especially from several states away.


Planned activities for like-minded people at The Gathering Place let you be as involved as you want to be, with no pressure but a lot of pleasurable interactions sure to ensue. For example, the Triple Crown Event Room can be separated into three smaller rooms, so you can have your son’s birthday party in one while others host book club or Bunko games. The great outdoor spaces will make your summers a breeze, with your kids running happily among their school friends and you and your partner relaxing poolside, well within earshot. The Winner’s Circle Courtyard and Jockey Club Patio may also host one of your fanciest private events—a bar mitzvah, baptism or wedding come to mind. 

Dennis Waitley said, “The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” At The Farm, they’ve built the community to foster just the right amount of independence while helping kids learn what it means to live in a responsible, supportive community.

Hobbies help us grow

Did you know not all stress is bad? “Eustress” describes that excited feeling you get when you’re looking forward to something coming up. The excitement and joy of learning a new skill or losing yourself in a well-loved hobby can actually lower blood pressure and help you become more resilient when faced with the ups and downs of modern life. At The Gathering Place, you will be able to learn guitar; take art classes; learn line dancing; tabata; or gardening. Kids can join T-Ball and many other sports; join a fishing club; take art classes: and play during ping-pong tourneys.  Everyone in the family will garner the benefits of “whole person” living at The Farm’s The Gathering Place—making your lives more enjoyable and creating memories together for a richer, fuller life.