As premium rates for long-term care insurance policies are on the rise in 2019, Amada Senior Care in Colorado Springs offers thorough guidance to seniors through different options to get the most from their policies.

In some cases, premium rates have increased as much as 500% higher than previous years. But Amada will help seniors through their options, which can be as easy as activating their policy so they no longer have to pay premiums and can begin to receive benefits.

Amada Senior Care CEO and Owner Ken Jenson is devoted to clear up confusion about these policies that seniors might have after rate spikes.

“If you get a letter from your long-term care insurance policy and they want to raise your premium, call me,” Jenson says. “We will sit down with you — for free — and tell you what every one of those options mean.”

Long-term care insurance plays a tremendous role in senior care that many families rely on, but Amada encourages those families to know how to use their insurance properly. Professionals at Amada will work with families on a personal level to review policies and verify benefits that seniors may have.

Amada experts will help families complete and submit the necessary paperwork without any delays in long-term care and process any claims that seniors are eligible for. Members of Amada are part of a large network of contacts at insurance carriers and third-party administrators who can be contacted directly. Amada members will personally advocate for seniors.

After completing the process of filing the claim, Amada professionals will foresee that seniors receive long-term care benefits as soon as possible. A customized plan will be made for care options and the professionals will even monitor the payments.

Currently, Amada cares for more than 300 families and employs more than 350 caregivers, who travel from Denver to Pueblo and all places between. Clients benefit from Amada with daily living services such as cooking, cleaning, dressing, bathing, laundry, transferring, toileting and more.

To contact Amada Senior Care for more information about long-term insurance premium increases, call 719-377-9121.