Dominion demonstration

A Dominion Voting Systems employee demonstrates the accuracy and operation of the Colorado Democracy Suite, a requirement after each election.

If you have a half hour and a suspicious mind about stolen elections, you can check out a video flagged to reporters by Secretary of State Jena Griswold on Wednesday afternoon.

Dominion Voting Systems provided the recorded demonstration of its equipment. The once-obscure LoDo-based company that's become politically famous has equipment in 62 of Colorado's 64 counties.

The demonstration was submitted as part of a certification rule, Griswold said in her email.

Election Rule 21.5.1(b) requires a complete application, a documentation review, a public demonstration of the system and other functional testing.

Click here to see everything Dominion needs to tell you about how the vote-marking technology works.

You can watch "the complete system overview" by clicking here, if there's nothing else going on in your life.

The demonstration on the proper operation of the machines after the November election, however, has broader meaning now. Dominion was accused of being the linchpin of an international conspiracy to switch votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in the presidential race.

Dominion has maintained that the allegations are demonstrably false, and the company is suing those associated with Trump who made the claims for, cumulatively, billions of dollars.

Plaintiffs, including Trump lawyers Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, will need to prove their claims, which they were not able to do in dozens of lawsuits in swing states to prevent the certification of the results after Election Day.

MyPillow CEO and founder Mike Lindell this week said he would countersue Dominion for impugning his name by suing him. 

Legal texts say truth is a defense to defamation in nearly all cases, because one of the elements of the law is that the statement is false.

If the plaintiffs can prove Dominion is capable of switching votes, then they could escape the civil suits.

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