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The prohibition on large-scale marijuana grow operations on residential “land” only includes open spaces, not enclosed structures, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled for the first time.

Marijuana sales during September declined in Colorado compared to the month of August, with $166.5 million in retail sales and $39.9 million from medical marijuana establishments.

The sales figures in August were $176.6 million and $42 million, respectively, representing a nearly 6% decline. Total sales, however, are still at their highest levels compared to prior years, and sales reports from the state Department of Revenue indicate that there is typically a decrease in activity during the second half of the calendar year.

To date in 2020, the state has taken in $318 million in total marijuana taxes and fees. The largest component, a 15% state retail sales tax, goes mostly to schools and local governments. The additional excise tax has generated $82.4 million, nearly all of which is for capital construction for schools.

This general election, voters in four states legalized retail marijuana, and Mississippians approved medical marijuana. According to the pro-legalization organization NORML, 15 states have permitted adult use of retail cannabis, while 36 states allow for medical use.

"The public has spoken loudly and clearly. They favor ending the failed policies of marijuana prohibition and replacing it with a policy of legalization, regulation, taxation and public education," said Erik Altiieri, executive director of NORML.

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