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A steady flow at the ballot box at the Colorado Springs city administration building showed promise for voter participation, with El Paso County officials expecting a 40% turnout.

Overall, El Paso County officials expected 174,000 people to vote in Tuesday's primary election, a rate comparable to other June primaries.  County clerk and recorder Chuck Broerman said he expected to be counting votes until after midnight.

El Paso County residents, like those around the state, mostly voted by mail. But those dropping off ballots downtown had ideas to make the process easier, safer and improve participation.

Zach Walker of Colorado Springs said he would like to see an app for voting because it would simply be easier. "Everybody should be able to participate," he said.

William James of Colorado Springs, suggested having a bar code on ballots so they would be more secure and voters could track their ballot to ensure their vote counted. 

Kris Walton of Colorado Springs said that although she has never voted by mail, she appreciated the ability to do so, adding it's not practical for everyone to stand in line for hours, especially those with medical issues.

Here is the status of local races in Teller County, based on early results:

Teller County Commissioner District 1, Republican Party

Dan Williams leading with 57.59% of the vote over David Rusterholtz with 42.41%.

Teller County Commissioner District 3, Republican Party

Erik Stone with 64.41% and Phil Mella with 35.59% of the vote.

John Hickenlooper wins Colorado's Democratic Senate primary
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