“The University of Colorado’s direct expeditures led to $9.7 billion in economic activity in the state of Colorado in FY2019,” a report explained.

The Interfraternity Council on the Hill at the University of Colorado-Boulder will fine one of its chapter fraternities for throwing a house party this week in violation COVID-19 restrictions, according to The Denver Post.

“That fine is for violating public health rules, but it’s also for embarrassing the fraternity community so publicly,” Marc Stine, CU’s Greek advocate, told The Post. “Yesterday was the first time that we had evidence of a large gathering of students on a fraternity property without masks or social distancing.”

The fine will amount to $10 per member for a total of $1,750. Reportedly, the party grew to around 120 attendees.


2 coronavirus cases identified at Colorado College

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On the Undergraduate IFC’s website, the council’s president, Adam Wenzlaff, authored a letter indicating that the fall semester will begin with “a total social moratorium.”

“Any chapter found in violation of the current and future health and safety rules, regulations, and laws can and will be summoned to a Judicial Board hearing and face possible sanctions,” he wrote.

On Thursday, Akirah J. Bradley, CU’s vice chancellor for student affairs, warned students that “If you violate a public health order and the violation is connected to attending a party, you will be excluded from campus for at least two weeks and you may be suspended.” Multiple violations will merit a one-semester suspension.

As pictures circulated on social media of other students congregating in groups and attending parties, however, not all responses were critical of those photographed.

“The student who submitted the picture needs to stay home and quit policing his/her fellow students,” one person wrote on Twitter.

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