mayoral candidate Jim Miller

Jim Miller

What are your top 3 priorities for this office?

1. Roads. Mayor John Suthers said he would take care of them. He never did. We have 10-20 local pavement companies and two asphalt plants within 40 miles; we should keep things local and solve this problem.

2. Sex traffickers/rapists/pedophiles. Make sure they are 5 miles away from all schools and victims. They should not be able to live in a neighborhood without unanimous approval from all in the neighborhood. This will help protect all kids.

3. The budget. Spend wisely so the "Bank of the People" is not overdrawn and lost in government waste. If residents know exactly how every dollar is spent, it will help create trust and understanding between citizens and their government.

What do you think the city's largest challenge is and how do you plan to address it?

The people don't have any faith that the local government is working for them, and this can be solved by represented officials working for the people and not for themselves. Colorado Springs residents deserve to have a voice in the direction of the city, including knowing and choosing where their hard-earned money should be spent and more. Government is supposed to work for the people. If it doesn't, then the people lose faith in it and the problem only gets worse.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

It is a job to work for and represent all people. I'm just a guy, but I'm the people. I work all day, I make sure my kids go to school on time. I deal with the community and people who don't feel represented by their local government. The people are overworked and overtaxed. I grew up with little money, I've worked hard and I don't waste resources because I understand how hard it is to gain resources. The Marine Corps also taught me how to adapt and overcome. I understand how to delegate when there is something I don't know or I'm unfamiliar with, because I am smart enough to know I don't know everything.

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