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Long before the days of swiping left on a phone app, or posting carefully crafted profiles on paid websites, people sought love in the back pages of a newspaper. Cassandra Rundle was one of them.

The still-unsolved triple murder continues to haunt people who knew Cassandra Rundle and her two children, 12-year-old Detrick Sturm and 10-year-old Melanie Sturm. Episode 3 looks at how some of Melanie’s classmates grappled with her death while detectives hunted in vain for the person responsible.

When crimes go cold, police are stuck with a burden that never really goes away. That’s particularly true for the most heinous cases, and the murders of Cassandra and her children on Valentine’s Day 1985 certainly fit the bill.

In January 1992, a young soldier named Philip Wilkinson walked into a police station in North Carolina and confessed to a 6-month-old triple killing. During the the time Cassandra Rundle and her two kids were murdered in Colorado Springs, Wilkinson was stationed at Fort Carson. Was he overlooked in the investigation? 

Thirty-five years after the killings that rattled the community, investigators and close friends still hold on to hope that the mystery will be solved and justice served.

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In Colorado Springs, there are at least 108 unsolved cases dating back to 1949. Someone, somewhere has the answers that could crack these cases wide open. Detectives are eager for those individuals to step forward. Listen in as we examine these unsolved killings.

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