Tim Watkins

Tim Watkins

Colorado Cold Case’s latest episode appeared online Monday, exploring the life of Tim Watkins, his love of mountain biking and the horrific Forest Service accident that solidified his love of the sport.

The podcast, which was reported and produced by The Gazette, continues to examine the unsolved killing of Watkins, 60 — an iconic Palmer Lake mountain biker who was shot and buried about two years ago while on a ride on Mount Herman.

He set out for the ride on Sept. 14, 2017, but he didn’t return home. A crew of volunteer searchers later found many of his belongings — including a cycling shoe, the contents of his wallet and his custom-made bike — spread across the mountain.

Watkins’ body was found three days later in a shallow grave near one of his favorite trails in Limbaugh Canyon. No arrests have been made, and no suspects have been named in the killing.

The latest episode delves into his all-consuming passion for mountain biking, which he began to enjoy in the early 1980s. He later helped establish the sport in the Pikes Peak region alongside some of its most recognizable figures, including Alison Dunlap, a two-time Olympian. 

At home, he was known as a doting and easygoing father — one who often took his children on trips to the state’s top mountain biking destinations.

That Watkins would die mountain biking seemed as fitting as it was tragic, his friends and family said.

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