DISTRICT COURT, EL PASO COUNTY, STATE OF COLORADO 270 South Tejon, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (719) 452-5000 Case No: 21 JA 0016 Div: 1 In re the Petition of: RALPH ALVA MILLS JR. For the Adoption of a Child: CHRISTOPHER CARD HUNTER Respondent: CHRISTOPHER LYNN CARD NOTICE OF ADOPTION PROCEEDING AND SUMMONS TO RESPOND To the above-named Respondent: CHRISTOPHER LYNN CARD You are hereby notified that a Petition for Adoption has been filed and if you wish to respond to the Petition, you must file your Response with the clerk of this Court within 30 days after this Notice is served on you. Your response must be accompanied with the applicable filing fee of $158.00. Your failure to file a Response, or to appear, within 30 days after service, and, in the case of an alleged father, your failure to file a claim of paternity under Article 4 of Title 19, C.R.S., within 30 days after service, if a claim has not previously been filed, may likely result in termination of your parental or your alleged parental rights to the minor child. Submitted on ths day of 2021. By: Raquel V. Hernandez, Reg No. 49096 Attorney for Petitioner: THE DREXLER LAW GROUP, LLC Raquel V. Hernandez, Reg. No. 49096 The Conover Building 24 South Weber Street, Suite 100 Colorado Springs, CO 80903 Phone Number: (719) 471-8000 Fax Number: (719) 471-8001 Email: Published in The Gazette September 10, 2021.