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left to right, Pam Waldon and Jackie Perry holding her two-year old son Christian Perry tour the Classic Homes models at Chaparral Point at Indigo Ranch, Monday,Jan.17,2005. Jackie Perry is interested in the traditionally built housing featuring front porches that face a grassy common area. "They are really decorated nicely and it would be nice to live in an area where kids could play."

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Classic Homes is the only home building firm in Colorado Springs to be designated as the best home builder by both the Colorado Business Journal and The Gazette — for ten times to boot. But the company’s success doesn’t come down to one singular idea, said Doug Stimple, Classic Homes’ CEO, but a holistic perspective ingrained in the company culture.

“Our high hope is to exceed expectations with our internal and external customers: whether that be our homeowners, our employees, our lot buyers, our traders,” Stimple said. “You achieve that through reflecting genuine care and concern for one another. We take pride in our work. We work hard. We treat folks fairly with respect and dignity and we stress the importance of sound leadership. Collectively that’s the sauce that creates a good company culture, and by definition, a good company.”

In an industry where the average tenure of employees is just three years, Classic Homes boasts an average five times that at 15.

“It’s a place where people truly feel they are connected and they can be proud of,” Stimple said. “Leadership is about influence and inspiring people. We take our leadership principles seriously: character, duty and respect.”

Stewardship of Classic Homes’ resources is at the forefront of Stimple’s mind, not merely the financial stability of the company. “A lot of companies say their employees are their number one asset, but when you look at their implementation processes, you say that couldn’t possibly be true. No one does it perfectly.

“We say employees are our number one asset, we mean it and hopefully we have a number of things in place that validate that.”

And it isn’t all about perks, though there are many, Stimple qualifies, it’s about making sure that employees know they are valued and appreciated. For the past six years, Classic Homes has closed — company-wide — from December 24 through January 1.

“We don’t make anyone take vacations. We don’t make people take time off. We pay people during that period. All of us, whether you’re a millennial or in your fifties, we all have aging parents we want to spend time with, kids who live in different cities, or young kids and it’s an incredible time of year to spend with them. We tell our people to enjoy Christmas, to recharge, and come back January 2nd ready to get after it. It’s one of the most appreciated perks we have ever put into place and I don’t see that changing.”

Classic Homes is also dedicated to building communities and supporting those communities. Kim Sandoval, director of corporate marketing, after seeing the lack of proper music venues in Colorado Springs, was responsible for stewarding one of the first outdoor concert series at Palmer Village.

Stimple says the value of safe family atmospheres can’t be ignored.

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