Glenn Carlson

Campaign phone number: 719-661-1583

Campaign email:

Campaign website:

Campaign mailing address: 4910 Braeburn Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

What are your top 3 priorities for this office?

The top three issues I intend to focus on are:

Affordability and prices: Prices have gone up. Dramatic increases in the price of housing are especially painful. From a municipal standpoint, we need to look at all options to ensure we are not adding undue upwards price pressure to the equation.

Protecting outdoor spaces: They are likely our greatest asset. I’ve always fought for the creation and preservation of a strong parks, trails and open spaces system.

Maintaining a clean, affordable, reliable utility: Council also serves as the utility board, so it’s critical to understand that relationship and the sheer size and responsibility of our utility. Utility planning is a long game. My goal is to maximize our ability to provide reliable, affordable energy while minimizing our impact on the environment.

What do you think the city's largest challenge is and how do you plan to address it?

I believe the largest challenge we are seeing is the explosive growth in recent years. Though growth is healthy, it becomes challenging when rapid inflation enters the equation. Namely, housing prices, utility prices, childcare, health care, groceries, property taxes and insurance, and more. As a native, I have seen our town grow into a city with big-city type problems and I believe it's hard for most people to adjust. I understand these issues and as a business owner with approximately 35 employees, my staff faces these issues as well. I represent a fresh perspective on City Council, understand many of these issues in this new economy, and can lead us in a positive, creative manner.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

I have lived, worked, volunteered and played here my entire life. This is home. Having worked in a global leadership capacity for Colorado’s largest company and now running our own 35-empoloyee business, I see firsthand what concerns and challenges people face. I have a responsibility to utilize my skillsets, energy and creativity to leave Colorado Springs better than I found it. Our City Council needs a fresh perspective from someone that knows and understands how the modern world works, and has the energy and creativity to tackle those challenges. I represent no special interests and if you're tired of the political tug-o-war like I am, then join me in giving our City Council something new.

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