Brian Risley

Campaign phone number: 719-651-2082

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Campaign mailing address: P.O. Box 451, Colorado Springs, CO 80901

What are your top 3 priorities for this office?

Public safety is top of mind. Reduction in violent crime, addressing homelessness and dealing with property crime are all key issues. Public safety includes addressing wildland fire concerns, evacuation routes and coping with severe storms. Making sure city departments have the right resources and policies is critical.

Utility infrastructure and the role of council as the Utilities board is another focal point. Obviously, water is a chief concern, but we have sustainable energy sources and state and federal mandates to deal with.

Smart growth is critical to balance the economic vitality of our region with housing affordability. To have appropriate land use and preserving the natural beauty of our region while also allowing intentional, measured development requires great balance.

What do you think the city's largest challenge is and how do you plan to address it?

I think public safety continues to be our largest topic of concern. While most of the emphasis on public safety is around law enforcement, we need to be cognizant of other public safety concerns such as wildland fire and our response to severe storms. Allocating proper funding and resources for emergency management and public safety as well as ongoing dialogue with the community to educate and build support should be top priorities. Regarding police staffing, continuing to provide competitive salaries and benefits is important, being creative with non-sworn officer support roles, and working with local schools to develop criminal justice career pathways are all key.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

Much of the council’s time is spent on land use matters. As the current chair of the El Paso County Planning Commission and an architect, I live and breathe land use issues. I'm familiar with the nuances of planning and land use and know how to balance expectations of neighbors and community stakeholders with the rights of property owners.

As a small business owner, I constantly balance fiscal constraints and choose highest priorities. Although the Mayor’s Office establishes the budget, council should take a significant role in setting priorities. In my professional life I build consensus and find compromise among diverse groups. I believe strongly in a fair and balanced approach to problem-solving and strive for rational, logical outcomes.

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