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Editor’s note: Last week we asked readers to suggest some topics of discussion. Colorado Springs resident Penny Bever suggested several, including “What is your favorite childhood memory?” and “What was your favorite outdoor game to play as a child? Why is this your favorite game of them all?” Cheyenne Mountain-area resident (and Cheyenne Edition columnist and freelance writer) Libby Kinder responded to the above with the following. If you have an additional response to this question, or would like to suggest a new topic for discussion, please send via email (300-word limit) to Editor Michelle Karas at michelle.karas@pikespeaknewspapers.com. Submissions may be edited.

Childhood memories of fun and games

During the 1950s and 1960s our block on West 67th Street in Kansas City, Missouri was the playground for all the kids who lived there. If the weather was decent, kids were outside playing games in the street, front yards and backyards. It was a different time, with minimal supervision, where just movement, imagination and made-up games ruled.

There was always someone to play with, including my brother and two sisters. In our backyard, we had a sandbox, and a metal swingset. Countless hours were spent building sandcastles and pretending we were acrobats and gymnasts. When Mom took the clotheslines down, we engaged in competitive games of badminton and croquet. Badminton was so popular that for years there were bald spots on the lawn where energetic play took place.

Street games consisted of “Mother May I,” baseball and kickball. If a car needed to pass, we simply moved aside. A favorite evening game was called “Capture the Flag,” and involved stealthy maneuvers to secure the flag of the other team, and running with it to safe territory. Even the big kids wanted to play!

Evenings were filled with catching lightning bugs, collecting locust shells and smashing them (Ewwwww!), and building elaborate tents out of blankets and bedspreads. Sometimes we even slept out all night in them!

Idyllic times? Yes-definitely!!

Libby Kinder, Colorado Springs

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