Kinship Landing, the newest downtown hotel in Colorado Springs, emanates positive energy.

Here is a space that not only offers unique accommodations, but is a community hub complete with an excellent bar and restaurant. Locals and visitors are beckoned to come in and share a community environment while enjoying food and beverages.

The environs can be described as sleek, contemporary, artistic, handcrafted and unique. The ambiance is open and airy, soothing, welcoming and cozy.

Founder and CEO Bobby Mikulas, his wife, Brooke Mikulas, and business partner Nate Grimm envisioned a space that reached out to locals and visitors alike with the message: “This is for you!” The venue, located at 415 S. Nevada Ave. (, was created to be “Special and unique to the city.”

Bobby Mikulas grew up in the Colorado Springs area and attended University of Colorado at Boulder, where he met his wife, Brooke. In 2016, they embarked on a yearlong trip around the world, absorbing ideas for what they would pursue upon their return.

“We recognized a gap in Colorado Springs for a downtown experience-driven lodging,” says Mikulas. The seeds were planted to create a comfortable environment that would provide access to the best of the community and sharing of ideas and experiences, along with thoughtful hospitality.

Mikulas explains that Kinship Landing is “a place where locals and visitors interact around the shared pursuit of outdoor and city exploration.”

There is an understanding that travelers want to explore authentic culture of the places they visit. The focus is to provide a great place to sleep, meet people and pursue quality experiences in the local area.

As for atmosphere, there is an obvious designer touch throughout the hotel that includes custom art, handmade and handcrafted furniture, and ample natural light.

Personal interactions are key to the ambiance of the ground-floor public areas of Kinship Landing. A front-desk host is on duty 24 hours a day, although contactless entry, check-in and check-out are available. Visitors feel comfortable taking a seat anywhere throughout the communal area in inviting living-room-like seating, or perhaps in a cozy wicker swing chair.

Homa Bar and Cafe is open all day, featuring a menu of locally sourced ingredients and showcasing favorite cocktails and beverages. The focus is on quality, affordability, healthy ingredients and outstanding taste. Favorite dishes are the hearty grain bowls, sandwiches made with homemade bread, and signature handpies — “flaky pastry crust hugging delicious fillings.”

This is truly a special place for those seeking a place to lay their heads at any budget. Lovely, varied and unique accommodations are located on the second, third and fourth floors. As Mikulas puts it: “We have everything you need and nothing you don’t.” The 82 units include guest suites, bunkrooms and a delightful camp deck.

The suites come complete with a king-sized bed, freestanding bathtub, fireplace and garage door that can be opened to let in the fresh air. Instead of garage doors, the junior suites feature sliding glass doors.

The bunkrooms provide a shared sleeping space at a fraction of the cost of a private suite. Ample bathroom facilities are provided within the room and in the hallways, and each bunk is curtained for privacy. All rooms, including bunkrooms, are furnished with high quality mattresses and crisp white linens.

The fourth floor camp deck is a protected, open-air space available for an outdoor sleeping experience with the luxury of a private indoor bathroom. Kids of all ages (grownups included) will relish spending time in this unique urban oasis.

The ground level of Kinship Landing provides meeting and event space for both hotel guests and the public. The multiple garage doors in the sun-drenched Greenhaus can be be opened when weather allows. The soaring ceiling is lined with potted plants, and the furniture invites relaxation and conversation.

Finishing touches are being put on a delightful patio-area that adjoins the Greenhaus. Event space is available for up to 80 people and is the perfect spot for gatherings, business meetings, public events and wedding receptions.

Details throughout the facility have been carefully thought out and warmly attended to. Here is an ideal opportunity to meet and greet friends and family while enjoying food and drinks and to experience captivating accommodations.

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