Gene and Jan Thomas
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William J. Dagendesh/Cheyenne Edition

Cheyenne Mountain residents Gene and Jan Thomas.

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The Cheyenne Edition this week caught up with Gene and Jan Thomas at Cheyenne Mountain Library Branch, where they were collecting signatures for a recall petition of Colorado’s governor. The couple enjoys films and their retirement, and offered the following comments:

Where were you born?

Gene: Dayton, Ohio.

What brought you to Colorado Springs?

Gene: Employment brought me here. I am an accountant by trade and for a time I worked as the operations manager for Phil Long Ford in Motor City.

Where are you employed now?

Gene: I am retired. I did so when I was 69 and I am loving it.

Jan: I was a housekeeper and worked as a volunteer at the Pioneers Museum.

What do you enjoy best about retirement?

Gene: The fact I don’t have to work anymore. I get up early every morning and do what I want to do. My time is my own.

What do you enjoy best about Colorado Springs?

Gene: The weather, most definitely. Also, the lack of bugs is a big plus.

Jan: I love the community and weather, although I could do without the humidity.

What are your favorite recreational pastimes?

Gene: Jan and I love to watch movies. We don’t buy or rent films, nor do we watch them on TV. Instead, we go to Tinseltown, which isn’t too far from where we live. We go there every week to check out what’s playing. We like all kinds of movies, from animation and Christian to adventure and science fiction.

Why are you collecting signatures from citizens seeking to recall Colorado’s governor?

Jan: I have complained about certain things all my life. So, when I found an opportunity to make a difference, I took it. I hate the job loss that has affected so many people and wanted to help. I also knew Gene would be interested in participating.

Gene: We have collected several signatures already and are making progress.

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