Lindsay Mitchell
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Cheyenne Mountain resident Lindsay Mitchell is a junior at Cheyenne Mountain High School and a volunteer with Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Photo by William J. Dagendesh

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The Cheyenne Edition this week kicked off 2019 by asking Cheyenne Mountain resident Lindsay Mitchell about her hobbies, volunteer service work with Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and what she enjoys about Colorado Springs. The outgoing Mitchell had this to say.

What brought you to Colorado Springs?

I am a Colorado Springs native, born and raised here.

What school do you attend and what is your grade level?

I am a junior at Cheyenne Mountain High School.

What do you like best about high school?

Science is my favorite subject. Also, I like conservation and the subject gets a pretty good reaction from people when I talk about it.

Why do you volunteer at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?

Because I love and enjoy working with animals, and I volunteer at least one day every weekend. Animals are my life and I am fortunate to be working with the zoo and these creatures.

How long have you been a volunteer at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?

I have been a volunteer for six years now and I love everything about working there — the staff, volunteers and, of course, the animals.

What do you enjoy best about Colorado Springs?

I love nature and experiencing Colorado’s great outdoors. Fortunately, I live in an area where it takes me only about 15 minutes to get to the mountains, which is great.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love to ski. The snow on the mountains is so beautiful here during the winter months.

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? What do you plan to do differently in 2019?

I want to exercise and enjoy the outdoors more. I think I do that pretty well now, but school sometimes keeps me from taking full advantage of what I want to do. Getting outside more will help me reconnect with nature.

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