I crossed the threshold. I’m 40. And, do you know what? It feels good!

No fireworks went off to ring in my 40th year, but I feel different all the same. I feel lighter. More present. More vibrant and awake. Less willing to settle. More willing to ask and to go all in. More grateful for the blessings I have and for what’s to come.

I celebrated with a 40 Trail Challenge, and I completed it with a gorgeous hike in Washington Gulch in Crested Butte. The hike, the town, and the abundant wildflowers are favorites of mine. And, I’ve continued to hike new trails whenever I can. The Challenge gave me back old friends — exploration and adventure.

It also reminded me how valuable goals are and how helpful it is to make them public. So, naturally, I started a new challenge.

For all of August, I’m committing to meditate and do some movement each morning. I currently do both daily but often not first thing. My intention isn’t to be too strict about what I do, just to start a new habit and to slowly build on it.

If starting your day off in a nourishing way resonates with you, please join me. I’m emailing four weeks of free resources — guided meditations, movement sessions, insights and tips I’ve picked up in the last eight years as a daily meditator and the last 15 years of teaching movement. (Email to sign up.)

Part of my year has been about shedding and shifting into a new way of being. It’s been tough to let go of the comfortable and familiar that has served me, but I know as I let go I have more time and space for what’s next to come.

After three years of teaching Sustainable Yoga at the Cheyenne Mountain Library, I’m stepping down. I’m grateful for the connection and community we created and the lovely individuals who became my friends. Teaching this class was a wonderful way for me as a new mama to share my gifts, and it’s been a blessing.

But, I can already feel new adventures unfolding. I’m not sure where they will take me yet, but until they arrive, I will listen deeply for how I want to show up in this world. I trust that my next step will unfold in its own perfect time. I don’t need to push through. This year especially, I’ve learned that just doesn’t work for me.

As I listen and wait, I intend to soak up this last bit of summer. I’m taking a break from social media and computer time, so I can play with my family, hang out at the pool, dig in my garden, lie in the grass, forage and hike our trails, relax in my hammock, and take my son on his first backpacking trip.

Joanna Zaremba is a mom and wife, a nature lover, a writer, and a movement and mindfulness teacher. She has lived in the Cheyenne Cañon neighborhood for seven years. She can be reached at joannazaremba@gmail.com.

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