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Earlier this month I asked for your feedback on the Cheyenne Edition, and a few readers responded. There were some questions about why we do what we do and where we’re headed. I’m new to this gig, and where there is change, there are questions.

I’ll field a few of the more popular ones:

Why do I see

Gazette stories and photos in my

Cheyenne Edition?

The Gazette and the Cheyenne Edition are sister papers. We have the same owner and share some resources. When a Gazette reporter covers a story for the daily, say the retirement of the Monument police chief, we can run that story here or build on it. It makes no sense to duplicate those efforts. Rather than assign one of our stable of freelance writers (The Edition has no full-time reporter) to write the same story, my aim is to deploy my resources to find another story to tell. Some weeks you’ll see more “Gazette-first” writing in the Cheyenne Edition than others. It ebbs and flows. I’d like for the trend to be that the majority of news is Cheyenne Edition-generated. A note on photos: Since we do not at this point have a photographer on staff, most of the photos you see here are taken by a Cheyenne Edition writer, contributed by a reader, or borrowed from the Gazette.

Does every story written by a

Gazette staffer need to be branded as such?

We want to give credit to the journalist who wrote the story. For instance, in last week’s Cheyenne Edition a story written by Gazette business reporter Rich Laden about the Broadmoor Hall expansion was featured on the front page. That story featured his words, his research and his photos. He should get the credit. Perhaps you liked the story so much you’ll look for more of his stories in the Gazette. I recommend you do! Right now under Gazette reporter bylines we use the phrase “Special From The Gazette” so the reader will know the source of the story. One thing we’ll start doing with these stories is putting the writer’s email address at the end so you can contact him/her if you’d like.

When you credit a photo as “File photo” or a “courtesy photo,” what does that mean?

It means the photo was taken by a Cheyenne Edition reporter or freelance writer more than 12 months ago. Because of this question, however, we’re going to update the file photo credits to say “Cheyenne Edition file” or “Gazette file” so readers can differentiate more easily. If a photo is current, we’ll use the photographer’s name in the credit, along with “Cheyenne Edition” or “Gazette,” etc. A courtesy photo is one that was supplied to us by someone else. We’re updating this to make it more specific, going forward. For example, a photo contributed by Cheyenne Mountain High School will be credited “Courtesy of Cheyenne Mountain High School” rather than just “Courtesy photo.”

Why do you say an event is happening “Friday” instead of using the date: “Friday, June 28”?

Our policy is to cite solely the day of the week if it’s before the next publication date. If we say “Friday,” it means the next Friday after the pub date.

What if a reader finds a factual error in a story?

Let us know! We’ll fact-check again. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not perfect. Sometimes I miss things, and so do other editors. We try our best to get it right the first time and ultimately we want the information to be correct. So tell us about it. We can update the online version of the story immediately and run a correction in the next week’s paper, if it’s warranted. Note that since we’re a weekly, we’ll only run a print correction from the previous issue, not one from, say, two months ago. Likely no one would remember.

Where do you get your story ideas?

A lot of times, from you! We listen to your story tips in person, or via a phone call or email, Facebook or Twitter message. We also like to look for local trends, find share-worthy events, follow local high school sports and report on local government meetings and news.

Which ZIP codes do you cover?

The Cheyenne Edition covers 80906, but sometimes we’ll tell a story that involves neighboring areas.

Where do you get photos for the Through the Lens pages?

They are submitted photos from readers and community groups, and sometimes from the Gazette’s photographers. To submit a photo, email a high-res (100KB or greater) JPG or PNG file with caption and credit information to breeanna.jent@pikespeaknewspapers.com.

How can I submit a letter to the editor? How long can my letter be?

Send letters of 300 words or fewer to me: michelle.karas@pikespeaknewspapers.com.

If you have additional questions, just ask.

Michelle Karas is an East Coast transplant who has called the Pikes Peak region home for four years. Previously a features writer and Best of the Springs editor for The Gazette, she became editor of Pikes Peak Newspapers in June 2019. Contact Michelle with letters to the editor, guest columns or story ideas at michelle.karas@pikespeaknewspapers.com.

Editor, Pikes Peak Newspapers

In June 2019, Michelle became editor of the four Pikes Peak Newspapers: Pikes Peak Courier; The Tribune; and the Cheyenne and Woodmen editions. A Penn State journalism graduate, she joined the Gazette staff in 2015.

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