Last time, we took you to the zoo to eat pizza. Well, we had such a good time that we just had to return, this time for coffee.

The Springs, if you didn’t know, is a coffee lover’s destination, competing with the likes of Portland and Austin, if not in number of excellent coffee purveyors, certainly in caliber of said purveyors. And while our city’s best coffee remains in the downtown area, there’s a new spot at the zoo that does a darn decent job, and throws in that million dollar view just to be nice.

It’s clear that Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has been dumping resources into new build-outs all up and down the face of the mountain. Pizza With A View impressed with edgy and contemporary architecture and … those views! Well, just one floor down is a café serving the requisite coffee, tea and pastries, all within an inviting space studded with large scale original works of art.

Pizza comes with a view at this Colorado destination | On the Table

If nothing else, let the hipster goat coax you inside. The goat on the sign hanging above the entrance. The goat outfitted in thick-rimmed spectacles probably purchased from that startup-you’ve-never-heard-of, and cozily draped in a coral colored scarf, surely acquired in a place-you’ve-never-been. Drink this goat’s coffee and you’ll be the hipster-ist zoo-goer on two legs — along with everyone else who waltzes in.

A recent visit to the Cozy Goat occurred just prior to closing time on a Sunday. We were motivated, perhaps, by the brisk, autumnal breeze that got under our own scarves, or maybe by that wry smirk upon the goat’s face, maybe both. Either way, there we were, ordering a caramel macchiato, a peppermint mocha and almost every pastry that remained in the glass case.

Perhaps most impressive was the markedly friendly service with which we were greeted and served. The Goat was set to close in 30 minutes. It was the end of what had unquestionably been a long and busy weekend. We were the last guests of the day, and yet, the barista was all smiles, offering ebullient attention to our every need — even going so far as to offer a poppy seed loaf gratis as it was an end piece and the last of the day.

Yes, the festive coffee drinks were good, as milk and sugar and a hint of coffee tends to be —bolstered greatly by coffee from local roaster Hold Fast (associated with Building Three, a favorite local cafe). Yes, the pastries (made by Aspen Baking Co. in Denver and trucked down a few times per week) were good as well — not too sweet; good crumb; appreciated breadth of offerings.

As previously stated, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is increasingly becoming a destination at which it’s worth lingering. The Cozy Goat, in all its hipster apparel, only adds to the appeal.

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