Festive tiger beetle
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Eric Eaton captured this photo of a festive tiger beetle during the 2019 City Nature Challenge. The beetle is identifiable by its striking iridescent reddish bronze, green and blue coloring. It lives in dry, sandy habitats with sparse vegetation, according to BugGuide.net.

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Colorado Springs ranked second among Colorado cities participating in the 2019 City Nature Challenge, a global urban biodiversity event. The city ranked No. 57 overall out of 159 cities with 3,812 observations and 742 species documented. Denver/Boulder came in ahead of Colorado Springs, and the city topped Fort Collins and Vail.

Colorado Springs’ Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department encouraged people to take pictures of wildlife, plants and fungi and share their observations using the iNaturalist app over three days in late April. Scientists can use the collected pools of data to understand and conserve urban wildlife.

“One of our participants took a photo of a rare bug species and was recognized by City Nature Challenge organizers,” said local organizer Kim King. “We’re looking forward to next year and hope to provide even more observations during this global gathering event.”

Cape Town, South Africa ranked No. 1, with 53,763 observations. For the complete list of rankings, visit CityNatureChallenge.org.

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