Dylan Craddock, 2015 Cheyenne Mountain High School graduate, was recently named a recipient of a Fulbright U.S. Student Program scholarship, which is awarded based on academic merit and intellectual potential. She will continue her post-graduate education engaging in an individually designed study/research project in Peru.

After graduating from CMHS, Craddock attended Rhodes College in Memphis, Tenn., on a partial lacrosse scholarship, also earning scholarships from Rotary and Broadmoor Community Preschool. She was attracted to the beautiful campus, small classes and opportunities to study abroad. She is graduating from Rhodes this month, receiving degrees in international studies and Spanish.

Craddock spoke enthusiastically about three of her key CMHS teachers who influenced her education, including Angie Bohcali, who grew up in Peru.

“She expects a lot, but always applies it to the real world,” Craddock said of her former teacher.

She was also taught by Larry Lawson, who inspired her to pursue International studies, and Kim Will, who she said taught her how to write well at a higher level.

“CMHS taught me well to succeed in college and also in life, to think critically, and enjoy learning,” Craddock said. She also credited Janie Mueller, who taught Craddock to love chemistry and see how different subjects matter in the overall scheme of life’s path.

In her junior year at Rhodes, Craddock received a $10,000 Buckman Fellowship, which allowed her to spend a semester in Argentina, where she immersed herself in the Spanish language. Craddock said she relished seeing her language and interpersonal skills develop while working for a nonprofit, where she was involved in tutoring, fundraising, education, and program development.

While in Argentina, Craddock had the opportunity to spend a week in Peru and said she found the country to have a vibrant, living history. The people were welcoming and enthusiastic, and Craddock was intent on expanding her knowledge about indigenous issues, leading her to apply for the Fulbright Scholarship.

When she returns to Peru, Craddock will teach English to university English instructors. She hopes to also focus on researching conservation and women’s and indigenous rights, perhaps working in a nonprofit. Her project is a work in progress that will develop prior to her departure for Peru in March 2020. Her main goals are to make Peruvian friends, become confident and more fluent in Spanish, immerse herself in the community, and be an effective ambassador for the United States.

Craddock grew up on the southwest side of Colorado Springs and attended Cheyenne Mountain schools. Her father, Matthew Craddock, is a CMHS grad; her brother is a junior at CMHS; and her mother, Jennifer Craddock, graduated from Fountain Valley School.

“Someone in the community always had my back, giving me the confidence to do something like this — going to Peru,” she said. “I’m honored to represent this community. I loved growing up here.”

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