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Become a Carrier | Colorado Springs Gazette, News

Frequently Asked Questions for Newspaper Carrier Prospects

Is there an age requirement? Yes, we contract only with adults 18 years of age and older.

How much does it pay? Can you really make $600-$800? Your profit depends on the route size (number of customers) and the distance of the route. Average monthly route earnings are between $600-$800.

When will I be paid? Every 2 weeks through direct deposit.

How is compensation determined? As an independent contractor, your route income is based on the number of papers and the distance you travel in performance of delivery services. The more customers you acquire, the better your profit will be!

Will I need a copy of my driving record? No, but we will require you to bring a valid driver’s license and proof of vehicle insurance with you.

Where are routes located and can I walk? We have few walking routes that consists of apartments and condos. The majority of our routes are delivered by vehicle.

Do I have to deliver 7 days a week? Yes, once contracted, you are responsible to ensure delivery 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Many carriers arrange to have substitute carriers who run the route one or more days each week.

May I deliver on the weekends only? We do not contract carriers for weekends only. You could, however, deliver for a contracted carrier on weekends only.

May I just substitute for another carrier or be “on call”? Yes, you can substitute for a regular carrier. As a substitute, you would actually become a sub- contractor for (and paid by) the carrier you substitute for. We can keep your name on file to substitute in case a regular carrier asks us about a substitute.

Can a route be divided between two people? Generally, a route is only contracted in one person’s name. If there is a friend who would like to assist you with the route it would be best for you to “hire” them as a substitute for you. Occasionally we split a large route into two routes and then contract a person for each route.

What type of vehicle do I need? As an independent contractor, this is totally up to you; however, you will need a dependable vehicle that will hold the entire load of newspapers for your route. You should also have some provision for a readily accessible “back-up” vehicle in the event your primary vehicle is out of commission. Generally, a small or mid-size vehicle is best if the papers will fit into it.

Could I be contracted for an additional route? We start carriers with only one route and then evaluate your service and normal finish time. If we determine you have ample time to complete a second route and your delivery is relatively complaint free, a 2nd route may be considered.

Is experience necessary? No, we will provide an orientation for you, tailored to your route.

Am I reimbursed for gas? If so, how much? No; however, we do consider the number of miles driven to cover your route and factor additional compensation into your profit to allow for your vehicle operation costs.

When do the newspapers need to be delivered each morning? Monday – Saturday: 6:00 AM; Sunday: 7:00 AM

What does “Independent Contractor” mean? This means you are engaged in your own independently established business and are not an employee of The Gazette.

Are there any benefits? Not traditional employee benefits such as vacation, sick leave; however, the early morning hours make it an excellent part-time business opportunity for earning extra income while keeping the remainder of your day free for other endeavors.