Colorado Springs' startups pitch their ideas at monthly Pitch Night
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Creating and using databases can be complex, but local database software startup Tejon Technologies Inc. says it's trying to make complex databases easy.

"There is a traditional way in structuring and designing databases that takes a long time to design," said Paul Nielsen, Tejon Tech's founder and CEO. "What we've done is radically flipped that around so you can build a database in a week rather than six months to a year."

Taking something complex and making it simple is not new to Nielsen; he wrote eight technology books, including Amazon's best-selling "SQL Server 2008 Bible."

About 10 years ago, Nielsen said his research on how to change the traditional method of structuring and designing databases - a collection of electronic information that users can access - turned into an obsession.

Samuel Thomas Elliott, Tejon Tech's co-founder and director of business development, said Nielsen believed the process of creating and structuring databases should be easier.

"We want to tell the public there's a better way to create custom databases," Elliott said. "It doesn't need to be as painstaking as it currently is and you don't have to settle for the very basic drag-and-drop databases out there."

Tejon Tech's software is more than lists and grids of data. Elliott said it's a very visual database for users to see how everything connects and allows anyone who needs to create a database quickly to streamline data.

"This product might appear simple because it's so easy to use, but the work behind it was so complex," Elliott said. "What really sets us apart is our database is really easy to set up and is still scalable to power a Fortune 50 company."

Elliott and Nielsen said they are doing to databases what WordPress and Squarespace did to websites by creating an all-in-one solution for those looking to create websites - or in this case, databases.

The duo met through their passion for startups when they served together on the local nonprofit Peak Startup board. Elliott said he was about to graduate from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs when Nielsen approached him about working with Tejon Tech, which takes its name from its Tejon Street address in downtown Colorado Springs.

"We share values of collaboration and being a forefront of doing something different," Nielsen said.

As a test run for the partnership, Elliott said they entered the 2017 Get in the Ring/UCCS Startup Competition, a highly competitive boxing match-style Startup Pitch competition.

"It went about as well as it could," Elliott said.

Tejon Tech won and traveled to Singapore in June to represent the U.S. in the Global Get in the Ring Competition and Conference. "We got international validation on our product," Elliott said.

Tejon Tech is currently working privately with an international corporation, a local startup and small business that are using the product.

"It shows the variety that our product can serve," Elliott said.

The product isn't yet available for general use; Elliott and Nielsen said they hope to go public with it this fall.

"We're going to be a disruptive company within the database industry," Elliott said.

As they prepare for the product's launch, Nielsen and Elliott host weekly demonstrations at Epicentral Coworking, a downtown co-working space.

The demonstrations provide a lot of energy for the two and Nielsen said people get excited about their work.

"We're trying to get the product in front of as many people as possible," Elliott said. "We love this city and we want to help as many people locally as we can."

While their focus right now is local, Nielsen said the plan is to sell the product internationally.

"It's always been a business dream of mine," Nielsen said.