NEW YORK - Clothing company Patagonia is suing Budweiser's parent company for selling a beer that bears its name and evokes its rugged, environmentally friendly brand and logo.

AB InBev was granted a trademark to sell Patagonia beer in the United States in 2012, but the company sat on the name until 2018, when it started selling beer with the branding.

Patagonia, the clothing company, accuses AB InBev (BUD) of trademark infringement for copying the brand's name and aesthetic on its beer. AB's Patagonia beer packaging includes a silhouette of a mountain and the word Patagonia in bold lettering.

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What's worse, the clothing company said, is AB InBev has been selling the brew and its own Patagonia-branded apparel at pop-up stores at ski resorts, which is Patagonia clothing territory, the company said in the suit.

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