Linda Leitz

Linda Leitz

With the death of George Floyd and protests rocking cities around the nation, racial issues have risen to the forefront. Last week, I wrote about some local nonprofits facing unique challenges during the pandemic. This week, I offer some ideas for those looking to use their charitable donations to address the issue of racism and equality. (Before donating, verify that an organization is recognized as a charity by the IRS if you expect a tax write-off.)

Ibram X. Kendi says, “ ‘Racism’ and ‘antiracism’ … are not permanent tattoos.” Actually, though, sometimes they are; some people get a tattoo expressing racist ideology. But what if there is a change of heart? Redemption Ink is a local nonprofit committed to helping people who want to remove or cover tattoos that express racism or hate. The nonprofit “was founded upon the belief that people can change, and that discrimination and bias can be broken,” the website explains . Redemption Ink accepts contributions on its website,, and use these donations to provide some reimbursement to tattoo artists who provide talent and materials. David Brown, who founded Redemption Ink with his wife, Brenda, says he’s drawn to this work “because it’s my belief that if we’re not helping each other, we’re wasting out trip through the stars.”

The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) works toward criminal justice reform in the United States. The organization works to protect and elevate the most vulnerable members of society, including racial minorities. To learn more, go to

For more than 45 years, LatinoJustice (LJ) has been working to create a more just society. LJ strives to empower leadership in the Latinx community. The five areas of focus are voting rights, immigrant justice, criminal justice reform, legal and leadership development and economic justice. You can find out more about LatinoJustice and donate at its website,

As David Brown of Redemption Ink says, “When we finally realize just how insignificant we are to the universe, we’ll understand just how important we are to each other.”

Linda Leitz is a certified financial planner. She can be reached at

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