Frontier Airlines

A Frontier Airlines flight to San Diego taxis to the runway after an announcement of new flights at Colorado Springs’ airport in this file photo from September 2017. Photo by Nadav Soroker

Touting its environmental consciousness, an airline is offering free flights for people with the last name “Green” or “Greene.”

Colorado-based Frontier Airlines, which claims to operate “America’s greenest flight,” is giving away tickets up to $400 in value for flights that leave Tuesday and return before Aug. 20. The deal is only available for trips booked off the company’s website and is part of what the airline is dubbing “Green Week.”

Frontier Airlines spokesman Zach Kramer told CNN that the company has received quite the response from the promotion.

“We're very excited to share our green message with everyone,” Kramer said. “I was surprised how many people have the last name Green.”


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