If anyone knows a thing or two about successful relationships, it’s attorney Pat Marrison. After 46 years in a strong marriage and raising three children and two stepchildren, the family law attorney brings decades of experience and sincere empathy for each of her clients to the table.

“I know what it’s like, the pain and the joy that families walk through,” she said. “People who come to me are at some of the lowest points of their lives; I see my role as trying to better the lives of people who are unhappy in their relationships, so they can move on and become productive citizens again.”

Marrison Family Law is the largest local firm in Colorado Springs devoted exclusively to family law. From divorce to property division, Pat is well versed in the variety of legal issues families face. Her firm, Marrison Family Law, located at 225 E. Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard, is especially passionate about adoption and child custody cases. “It’s so hard on the kids,” she said. “We try to be as understanding as possible and move them out of this tragic time and into a better future.” With more than 50 years combined experience, Pat and her team of capable attorneys, paralegals, and support staff fight for the rights of each family member, helping clients achieve the best possible outcome.


Originally from the West Coast, Pat earned her law degree from the University of California at Los Angeles School of Law in 1977, and practiced in California for 14 years. In 1990, Pat and her husband Rex Marrison, paralegal at Marrison Family Law, relocated to Colorado with their three children. “We chose Colorado Springs because we felt it was the best place for our family,” Pat said. “It’s beautiful and has plenty of cultural amenities, two universities, good people, and of course, the outdoors.”

Working in family law constantly reminds Pat of the importance of spending time with family. While her three children have pursued education and careers in architecture, engineering, and law outside of Colorado Springs, she believes the distance won’t last too long. “They are slowly making their ways back to Colorado Springs,” she said with a laugh. “This is a family town, a great place to raise children, which is why I so enjoy practicing law and serving the families here.”

While the legal experience Pat gained at large firms in Los Angeles has proven invaluable, Pat particularly appreciates the ethics and camaraderie of the family law bar in Colorado. “It’s like a whole different world out here,” she said. “Attorneys care about upholding the law and guiding families through the system. We can help clients get through their case with grace and efficiency so they can get back to enjoying their children, homes and new opportunities.”

Pat has followed a handful of families for years and seen clients meet new partners, raise children, and move into more hopeful lives. “They’ve survived and even thrived; many have truly become better people.”


Marrison Family Law attorneys – including Brenda L. Tellez, Nicole L. Bartell, and Joseph A. Ditlow – practice throughout Southern Colorado, taking on cases of all sizes and difficulty levels. They serve families in Pueblo, Cañon City, Walsenburg, Cripple Creek and across Douglas and El Paso counties.

The firm’s team of paralegals and office support staff works to help families move quickly into the next phases of their lives. “Too often, clients are engaged in battle instead of living life,” Pat said.

When a case involves complex property division, Marrison Family Law attorneys bring in Certified Public Accountants and financial advisors to ensure assets are appropriately and fairly dispersed among their clients. This can become more complicated when one partner hides assets or is unfamiliar with the family finances. “It’s up to us to dig and find out what’s going on and navigate it for them,” Pat said.

Family law attorneys also face the difficult task of helping clients see soon-to-be-ex partners as valuable. “When we can help them stay calm and resist the temptation to strike out, it serves the entire family and the case,” Pat said. The attorneys consult local psychologists when it comes to challenging familial relationships, especially when cases involve youth. “I think we need to put a focus on our children, they are our future,” Pat said. Marrison Family Law attorneys are also experienced in helping military members work through difficult family legal situations, with a solid understanding of military law. The firm offers a 10-percent discount on services for military families.

Though she witnesses heartbreak every day in families torn apart by custody battles and divorce, Pat knows the part she plays in their journeys makes a difference.

“I don’t think we were put on this earth to have an easy time, but we become better and stronger with the challenges we are presented with,” she said. “We want to leave the world a better place because we’re here. That’s our role: making our clients’ lives better so they can contribute to society and move forward.”

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