Companies attracted by Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance

Since 2011


- TBG Solutions, risk management training and development, 15 jobs


- Sorenson Communications, customer service center for video relay and caption-call services, 300 jobs

- UnitedHealth Group, customer service center for Tricare health benefits, 200 jobs

- Connect for Colorado, customer service center for health care exchange, 100 jobs

- StarTek, customer service center for health care industry, 100 jobs

- FuseSport, headquarters for sporting event software development company, 100 jobs

- Project Cutter, manufacturing plant for crude oil well pumps, 84 jobs

- Peacemaker Ministries, nonprofit education, conciliation, mediation and arbitration service, 30 jobs

- Fat Bike Co., headquarters of specialty bicycle manufacturer, 20 jobs


- Comcast Corp., expansion of existing customer service center, 150 jobs

- Superior Steel Supply, headquarters of steel supplier, 43 jobs

- WHPacific LLC, headquarters of engineering and architecture company, 40 jobs

- Bob Bondurant Racing School, racing school, four jobs

- Mission Coffee Roaster, headquarters of coffee roasting and distribution company, three jobs


- Bal Seal Engineering Inc., expansion of medical manufacturing plant, 211 jobs

- Outreach Inc., headquarters of religious material publisher, 162 jobs

- Agilent Technologies, expansion of existing data center, 131 jobs

- Entegris, expansion of semiconductor packaging manufacturer, 100 jobs

- iQor, work-at-home information processing, 100 jobs

- American Tire Distributors Inc., warehouse for tire distributor, 40 jobs

- Wal-Mart Stores Inc., data center, 30 jobs

- Xiotech Corp., headquarters of computer data storage device manufacturer, 30 jobs

- National Aviation, aerospace manufacturing, 25 jobs

- Space Foundation, expansion of headquarters for space advocacy trade group, 23 jobs

- Cosmic Advanced Engineering Solutions, aerospace and defense research company, 20 jobs

- Olson Motor & Control Co. Inc., manufacturer of renewable energy device, 12 jobs

- Chapman Foundations, headquarters for charitable foundation, 10 jobs

- Bio Pappel International, paper recycling operation, seven jobs

- Howell Precision Machine & Engineering Inc., headquarters of machining, seven jobs

Source: Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance


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