Interior Of Charity Shop Or Thrift Store Selling Used And Sustainable Clothing And Household Goods

Photo Credit: Daisy-Daisy. File photo. (iStock)

According to a recent report by, Denver is the best city in the United States for thrift shopping. 

"We analyzed the 50 most populous metropolitan areas and compared them against a series of metrics including the number of resale venues (thrift shops, flea markets, antique shops and more), resale sales per capita, thrifting-related Google searches and self storage, as the service is very helpful in managing vintage finds as well as home space," the report reads. 

Denver was ranked first overall for its high scores in the thrift establishment availability, thrifting sales volumes, and thrifting-related Google searches categories. 

"You can count on Denver’s thrifting scene to deliver on finding used clothes, furniture, housewares and a plethora of unique items scattered at stores throughout the metro area. There are more than 190 resale stores in Denver, a figure that translates into 6.6 thrifting venues/100K locals, well above the national average of 4.8 resale stores/100K people," the website said. 

According to the analysis, one third of Denver's thrift locations are in large venues with a wide variety of options. 

"Thrift Cult is one of those places you’ll want to visit every time you find a blank spot on your calendar. It’s chock-full of swanky finds, from clothing to furniture and artwork, and definitely worth a trip. Also, Goodwill has a strong presence across the Denver area, so if you like chain store shopping, that’s always a great option." 

Similarly, Yelp, the online directory for business reviews, recently released a round-up of the best consignment stores in America. Denver's "Fifty-Two ’80s: A Totally Awesome Shop" cracked the list's top ten.

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